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9th Region State Tournament facts

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Had plenty of time to look over the State Tournament Program this weekend and I found some interesting facts about current 9th Region teams in the years they played in the 9th (some played in the 10th in the early years and some old 9th teams play in the 8th & 10th now also).


1. 12 of the 17 current 9th region teams have won the region at least once

2. Teams winning the region since 1937:

Holmes 11 (if you count the old Covington school, 9 if you don't)

Highlands 9

Cov Cath & New Cath 8

Newport 7 (all wins came between 1937 & 1962)

Holy Cross & Covington Grant 4

3. Longest winning streak 5 years (CovCath)

4. Holmes & Highlands both won it 4 of 5 years straight

5. Holy Cross is the only 9th region team never to lose in the first round (4-0)

6. Best all time winning percentage- Holy Cross (7-4 for 64%)

7. Holmes & Highlands lost in finals twice, CovCath, Holy Cross & Newport

each lost once.

8. With Simon Kenton now in the 8th, once again no current 9th region team

has ever won the state crown.

9. The current 36th District teams have 29 titles

The current 35th District teams have 22 titles

The current 33rd District teams have 6 titles

The current 34th District teams have 2 titles

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Good research, Holy Cross does the best, but getting there is so difficult. Any stats on the districts in the past few years? And I predict that next year, IMO, the 35th will take home another championship.

Last 5 years: 35th-3 33rd-2

Last 10 years: 36th-5 35th-3 33rd-2

Last 20 years: 35th-8 36th-6 33rd-4 (Scott & Simon Kenton also)

Last 30 years: 35th&36th-11 33rd-5 (Scott & Simon Kenton twice)

Last 40 years: 35th-18 36th-14 33rd-5 (Scott & Simon twice)

Last 50 years: 35th-19 36th-17 33rd-5 34th-1 (Grant-4, Simon-2, Scott and Campbell Co each 1)


It looks like the 35th leads the way in the "modern era", while the 36th leads overall since 1937.

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I thought Newport was in the finals twice in 36 and 54???? I'm not sure on this.

Newport was the champion of region 10 in 1925, 1932, 1935 & 1936. They were champions of region 9 in 1937, 1940, 1950, 1952, 1954, 1955 & 1962.

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