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Bishop Brossart 43 Paris 40

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Brossart get revenge from the All "A" finals. COngrats!!


Let me ask this. Would you rather when the All "A" finals and get beat in the semi-finals or lose the All "A" finals and beat that very team in the semi-finals of the region? Lets just say for the sake of arguement that you already know you would lose the region finals. What would you choose.NOTE:(I'm not assuming that Brossart will lose the finals. I think they very well could when the finals. I just posing this question to peak some interest.)


I would chose the revenage scenerio. Again congrats to the Lady Stangs!

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Brossart seemed to control most of the game.

They almost let it slip away. Paris hit 3 big 3's including an NBA range one to make it close.

They had a 3 to tie it with about 5 seconds left, and airballed it out of bounds. On the inbounds a bad pass was thrown, and Paris had to opportunity to rush up a 3 at the buzzer which caught the front of the rim.

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