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Newport Central Catholic 3 Dixie Heights 2


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NewCath's Haley Meyers (9-1) survives hitting 5 Dixie batters, 1st 4 on 0-2 counts, and throws a 2-hitter in the 3-2 win. She was also helped out with some great defensive plays by catcher Kristen Schreiber and shortstop Taylor Burkart.


NewCath 1st - FO8, PO3, E3, GO5-3.

Dixie 1st - PO3, HBP, PO3, E4, hit batter advances to 3rd on error, but is picked off 3rd base by Schreiber who fires a "laserbeam" to Zimmerman for the 3rd out.


NewCath 2nd - FO7, BB, K, GO4-3.

Dixie 2nd - K, GO5-3, BB, K.


NewCath 3rd - GO1-3, LO5, Kohls singles to 2nd off the end of the bat (Steve Mizerak can't get that much "English" on a ball), E4-runners on 2nd & 3rd, K.

Dixie 3rd - HBP, bunt out 1-4 with runner advancing to 3rd, next batter bunts and Kristen Schreiber fields 5 feet up the 1st baseline and fires it to Sarah Neace at 1st, and Neace returns the ball to Schreiber who blocks the plate to get the runner from 3rd coming home....WOW!!


NewCath 4th - Martini singles deep to 3rd (great effort by Odom), GO1-3 Martini to 2nd, GO6-3 Martini to 3rd, PB scores Martini, K.

Dixie 4th - Odom singles to left, K, McGinn hits one up the middle, but Taylor Burkart dives and from her knees flips onto Kohls at 2nd for the force, HBP, Ingle RBI single to right, HBP, HBP run scores, FC5.


NewCath 5th - Meyers singles to center, E5, with runners at 2nd & 3rd Kohls hits SAC-Fly to left, Schreiber RBI double to the alley in left-center, but is thrown-out at 3rd, FO7.

Dixie 5th - GO1-3, PO4, FO8.


NewCath 6th - GO6-3, K, GO3.

Dixie 6th - FO9, FO8, GO6-3.


NewCath 7th - Neace singles to left, GO4-3 double play, GO5-3.

Dixie 7th - FO9, K, PO1.


NewCath 0-0-0-1-2-0-0---3-5-1


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