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FreakNasty's 39th district tournament preview

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Let's do her.....


First Round (all games played at Bracken Co. High School)


Feb. 27 8:00


Bracken Co. (13-13 overall, 10-9 region, 3-5 district)


Mason Co. (19-8 overall, 12-2 region, 3-0 district)




Anyone else see Mason getting an easy ride to regional year after year????


While I like Cooper, the Polar Bears always get killed by the Royals, this game will not be an exception...


Projected Score


Mason Co. 67

Bracken Co. 43


Feb. 28 8:00


St. Patrick (14-13 overall, 11-5 region, 4-2 district)


Augusta (7-15 overall, 3-11 region, 1-4 district)




Playing for a spot in the Fieldhouse holds a special meaning to these kids, and while I think Augusta will put up a fight (only lost by 2 points in a previous meeting), they aren't going to beat St. Pat.....


St. Pat has won 6 out of their last 7....


Projected Score


St. Pat 61

Augusta 50


Championship Game


March 2 8:00


Mason Co. (19-8 overall, 12-2 region, 3-0 district)


St. Patrick (14-13 overall, 11-5 region, 4-2 district)




St. Pat lost 61-20 their first game of the year, while I think St. Pat is improved, they obviously aren't going to beat the Royals....


Mason Co, led by a big game from Darius Miller, will win the battle of Maysville, and earn a #1 seed...


Projected Score


Mason Co. 65

St. Pat 43


Going to the regional....


#1 seed Mason Co.

#2 seed St. Pat

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