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Bourbon County and Shelby County Jobs

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Being a new comer to the state and seeing all of this coaching change is very interesting. I guess this is what one should expect when you love basketball in a state like Kentucky. I find this job and the Shelby County job very intriguing and was wondering who the front runners are? Some coaches that I have had a chance to watch that I think would be great choices. I have also talked to quite a few people and these are the names I am hearing for these positions. (In no particular order) Juan Byers (Bourbon County Girls) not sure what his interest would be I know he coaches his daughter but thought he did a great job, a young and upcoming coach Kevin Reinhardt (Nicholas County) I heard he was a great ball player at the high school and collegiate levels thought he did a nice job with what he had to work with really seemed to know the game, another young coach Chris Gaither (Collins Boys) did a great job at Collins worked well with his team, heard a rumor that a guy from the college ranks named B.J. Aldridge is interested in getting into Kentucky High School Basketball does anyone know who this is and what kind of background he has? Phillip Conder (Collins Girls) I think he got his start at Shelby County from talking with some folks don't know his interest level but heard great things about him. Being new to the state and having chance to watch a lot of hoops I think these guys have some tremendous upside in my option. Again I am just basing this on what I have seen and heard so I would love to hear input from people have been around for awhile.

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