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  1. When the Holmes coach confronted the Ashland coach it wsa the second time he was on the field and the player contact with the ref was not an accident nor was his contact with one of his coaches. All this disappointed me, but so did Ashland having their first team defense on the field after the score that started the running clock after Holmes mishandled the kickoff and was nearly on the Ashland goal line.


    Who is Ashland's next opponent?

  2. I was told by a Highlands player that after #30 Wrobleski was removed from the field by Highlands coaches in fear of retailiating against an Ali right that the Back Judge told him exact words " hey kid you go tell Mueller that he is lucky #30 didnt get thrown out of the game", "You go tell him that right now, you tell Mueller that"


    Are you kidding me Francis, A referee going through a 16yr old kid because he doesnt have the dangles to go tell Mueller himself.


    Iam sorry, Iam with others, this game had a Pike Cty vs Breathitt flavor late due to the blinders being placed on. Sad that they allowed this game to get this far out of hand so quickly.


    Anyone see the police escourt for the stripers after the game, gimme a freaking break...


    I believe there was an exchange after the game involving one of the refs and some hick. While the refs headed to their lockers, the FortThomas Police pursued someone outside the stadium.

  3. Congrats to Randy Borchers and the Cooper Jags! Everyone in NKY should be proud of this group of boys and how far they've come in five years! I don't know what lies ahead for them, but good Lord willing, they will bring back hardware to Northern Kentucky for the first time in the short history of 5A football!!!


    Northern Ky owns 5A. HHS has won 'em all so far!

  4. Blake Bir. As advertised.


    Way too many flags on both sides. Birds answer question as to whether they can defend the pass. Their pressure on Birr was key. Birds passing game came up big when they needed it. Both clubs learned a lot about the other, ane the next one will likely be closer. Good job by both schools. Stay healthy until the rematch.

  5. Dayton sweeps the Blue Lightning. In the rematch at VMA, the Lightning, down by 20 early, make a nice comeback to tie it in the last minute. Dayton has a nice team and deserved the win. They pass well, they can all handle the ball and they move without the ball. Dayton does not have size, but they play together well. Going into the season, I expected this Villa team to be their best ever. They have size and experience, but are under-performing. They tried to stop Dayton by playing defense at half court, and too many times, Dayton, thru their hustle, created a two-on-one advantage resulting in easy baskets. Villa is dis-organized and does not use their size to its potential. They sure do have a nice gym though.

  6. We definitely had a game until HHS answered quickly following the Colonels score to start the 3rd Qtr. It was the quick O-line of HHS & the HHS D that stole the show. The big line of CCH simply was not as effective vs the Birds as in Sept. While HHS was expected to strick fast and then wait while CovCath executed long drives, it was HHS playing smashmouth. Congrats CCH on a fine season, and on challenging. Go Birds!

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