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  1. Kelly had a huge day today. First he was named 8th region POY which makes him a Mr Kentucky candidate. Then he goes out and scores 47. This breaks a 40 year single game record of 45 set by Dave Dixon in the SK Sweet Sixteen Championship year in 1981 while at SK. To top off the day the 47 now puts Kelly in the top ppg scoring average surpassing Reed Shepard. Now it’s time to make this a post season to remember. 

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  2. Crazy ending to this one. Kelly Niece misses two free throws in a row early in the game (shoots 87%) but at the end of the game he has two attempts with 1.5 seconds on the clock and the game tied. He makes the first with ice running through his veins. Then he tries to miss the second on purpose to run the clock. Well of course that one went in as well. Go Figure! Neers win 87-85.

    Kelly Niece had 42 points. 17/23 FG, 3/5 3PT, 5/7 FT, 7 Reb.


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  3. Great game start to finish. Grant was down 2 with 14 seconds left with the ball and a chance to tie or win it. Defensive pressure by SK allowed Niece to get a steal and then a open lane to the basket on the other end. Looked like a "and 1" opportunity but the foul was called on the floor. Niece goes to the line with 8 seconds remaining to shoot two. That gym was likely never as loud as it was with him at the line. "The Bucket" Niece drained both to put the game out of reach for Grant. Awesome atmosphere and the reason we all love basketball in KY.

  4. That holds no water at all. South and North each played one more in region game and they received two players. Not diminishing those two players but numbers of games played does not warrant consideration. The top teams that played more in region games played many against smaller schools that SK and others do not want to schedule. Should SK schedule Eminence, Owen, Henry, Carroll and others? Heck add one more player, you already have 16. I'm not sure what makes that number the total to be used.

  5. Simon Kenton got 13 points out of Kelly Niece on very limited playing time. He sat the whole second half excluding the first 45 seconds. Plus he only played about 12 minutes in the first half. Trying to not over use that knee. You keep him in the entire game say at year end this result could be different. Keep in mind SK dropped a close game with Madisonville NH on Saturday and Niece never touched the floor. This team will be tested and ready by tourney time.

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