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  1. Again I see this completely inaccurate statement. If there are any players out there reading this, don't believe statements like this. If you want to play college football, contact the coaches yourself.


    I agree, you have to have a little of both, marketing and promotion from the outlets for such and you have to market and promote yourself, as it is in life in order to reach ones goals.

  2. Most of the issues are of a personal nature and not to be aired out on a forum but I can tell you this he was not forced out, it was a family decision. Coach copley has several opportunities a little west from greenup county.


    Coach copley didn't make his decision until very recently to resign from his coaching position one of the main reasons he did was to give the program a chance to put someone in place so the kids would know what direction the program was going.


    I wish Coach Copley the best and I know Coach mullins will do the best he can with what he has to work with both from the community and the administration. The boosters are very supportive and Coach mullins will have a lot of support from that aspect of the program.


    GCHS and the football program have been good to and for my son and that's what its all about, the kids...

  3. Bottom line for me is this. Every player mentioned in the AP list earned their recognition or they would not be listed. So congratulations to them on being recognized as one of the top players in the state.


    However, there are quite a few players that were not recognized who everyone in this state with a thimble's worth of knowledge of high school football knows should have been recognized. It is a shame that a player who works so hard and clearly achieves at the highest level in the state is not recognized. I feel for those young men. For that reason, the AP should be ashamed of the process they use to select this team and if they can't do a better job, then it is better IMO to not name a team at all. Not having obvious all state players on your team dishonors both the players named and those who should have been named.


    Thank you VoR for this post.


    I don't want to take away from any of these outstanding athletes that made AP allstate but it is really tough for a young man from Greenup County to get some props, I am just very proud he set his personal goal to be the #1 rusher in the state during regular season and he reached that goal, I took the KHSAA quarterly at the first of the year for 2009 regular season rushing title, showed him it, stated if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best, I went in his room the next day and he had #1 from 2009 circled and posted on his wall, he reached that goal for 2010 - http://www.khsaa.org/football/2010/stats.htm and in 4A as well - http://www.khsaa.org/football/2010/stats4.htm nobody was even close , our team didn't reach our goals for the season and maybe that's what hurt his selection status but I have always been told #s dont lie and I am very proud of his season, his work ethic and his desire to reach that goal and reach it for the entire state of Kentucky, it just seems if you are the official rushing title winner for the state of Kentucky you should get some type of recognition for that achievement, maybe I am wrong and my bias is probably playing a major hand on this one due to me being his father, cause I have been involved in this game for 40 years - playing, coaching and refn, know it very well, just a lil disappointed for my son that he didn't even get a smell in the AP... but it is what it is and that's all it is, so be it... Still very proud of his achievements...

  4. If Jude ended up with 3300 and he got about 900 postseason, isn't that 2400? That's what confuses me. I wonder why some teams don't report.


    I don't call it sour grapes as I would be doing the same thing in your place. I don't know what the voters go on. They may think one player is more talented even though his numbers don't match up. They may consider strength of schedule or the system a player is in. Teams that go farther obviously get more press which is probably another big factor, maybe the biggest as it's been pointed out that the voters can't see everyone and I doubt that many even go so far as to check out the stats. We had a local kid here last year who put up some huge numbers but never got any respect either.


    Very true, I am just a proud Dad that wants the best for his son, if I don't stand up for him, who will? He will play at the next level, get a degree and coach some future bluegrass preps...

  5. He did, Jude's on there. Didn't he have about 2400 regular season or are we to ignore that?


    No he didn't he had 16 yards under Lyle during regular season, believe me we were keeping close tabs, so was the Daily Independent in Ashland Kentucky. Jude most definitely deserves the recognition for his performance during the post season, he is one heck of an athlete, but Lyle was the state's leading rusher during regular season, officially and un-officially - Official state results after 10 game - http://www.khsaa.org/football/2010/stats.htm and Jude's stats were 16 yards under that which were not made official until post season and were posted to the last Daily Indenpendent posting of all backs in Northeastern Kentucky for regular season and Lyle was ahead of him by 16 yards, just saying my son should have been recognized a little higher on the allstate list, just tough for a Greenup County kid to even be considered, call it sour grapes if you want, the numbers don't lie, Jude should most definitely be allstate but Lyle should be recognized higher than honorable mention.

  6. Did his coach not nominate him or did he turn it down? Don't blame the selection committee. A player has to be nominated by the coach and then the player all so has to accept. Then again , not knowing who you son plays for, but if he was a leading rusher on a team that did not make it to the playoffs and had a nothing schedule, that could also play into the equation.


    Made the playoffs, Played for Greenup County, played a good schedule, he probably didn't get nominated by his coach.... He made state honorable mention Courier Journal for RB's, just disheartening when a player leads the state at his position in every category, playing the players that end up getting 1st team (Darrell Cross), tougher schedule and better numbers, really unreal, I guess its all about marketing... I am darn proud of him for leading the state during the regular season.

  7. I think they are the best team in years...the TEAM is not just defined by its record. Yes, the fans, and especially the players expected more out of their season than what they got. But one of the main differences in this team versus those in recent history (the last ten years or so) is that they never gave up. They fought through every loss, kept playing even when down. They hung with Ashland until the end of the 4th quarter before the tide turned. They beat Raceland and Russell, BIG Rivaly games and that always feels good. They lost in a heartbreaker to Rowan County (in the last 10 seconds) and they left everything they had on the field.


    This is the first year in a long time we have not had boys quitting the team in mid year. We have had more fans in the stands than ever before. The community support is beginning to improve (even to include more support on the forums.) The core group of this 35 member TEAM have played together since 2-3rd grade JFL. They have seen several head coaches come and go during that time period. They have stuck it out through many a losing season. They have bonded together in a way that they will remember for the rest of their lives. They have hopefully sent a message to our younger players in JFL and middle school that if you stick together good things can happen. Could the record have been better? YES Am I, and more importantly are they, a little dissapointed on not getting a district title, Sure. BUT Dissapointed in this TEAM???? NEVER.


    PureFan, we've watched these boys since they were lil ones, nice post, I am still pondering exactly what I am going to post, however sometimes silence is golden...

  8. My senior year in HS, we were 3-8. I wish it had been better, but when you are competing, you don't really look @ the scoreboard, think about being behind, etc. - you just play as hard as you can. My point is that even if the number of wins is not what the kids/fans wanted, they competed hard and had a great experience on the field. Whether you won or lost doesn't really impact the experience until the game is over- or at least that was what it was like for me since we weren't very good. I was blessed with teammates that played hard, and a GREAT person & coach to lead us- Larry French. I will always be grateful to Coach French for hanging in there with us. We did end up winning our last 2 games and playing much better. I learned alot about leading in tough times and how you treat people during tough times in the way that Coach French took care of us during those tough days.


    BGPreps has its place, and it is a forum for fans. Guru does a good job keeping it classy. But, the GAME is for the KIDS. I don't want one kid to feel like they have been a disappointment, underachieved, etc.


    I know or know the family of a couple of the Greenup kids. The two kids I am thinking of played their guts out every Friday night. They have absolutely nothing to be disappointed in. They have earned my respect, although they already had it.


    Some will say it is sour grapes because we have never won a state title here in football, but I am really tired of the ALL OR NOTHING school of thought. You don't have to win every game and a state title to be successful. You don't have to be 1st team all state and get a D1 scholarship to be successful. All any of us can do is our absolute best effort. If that falls short of the expectations of others, so be it.


    To all the players getting ready for the playoffs: Have fun & do your best. If you really prepare the best you can, and play as hard as you can, you won't have regrets. But, please enjoy it because HS Football really is different/special and there is nothing like PLAYING HS football when it is over.


    To the players who are finished for the season: It has probably been a rough year, but be proud of yourself for fighting through it- alot of adults would have thrown in the towel a long time ago. Those life lessons and the development of your character and toughness will pay big dividends for you as an adult.


    So........ "best team in years", depends on how you define it. "Disappointment"- NO!


    Your a class act Chief Smoke :thumb:


    I am still pondering this post but I can guarantee one thing, I will respond eventually, just maybe not on this forum.

  9. Hard to figure out where to start here. Mason scores early, Greenup marches down the field on a long drive and ties it up. Looked like one of those nights, but Mason with another quick strike after getting a short field.


    Royals' special teams took over. Scored twice after successive recoveries of onsides kicks. Greenup had no answer for Mason's skill players. Huge game for QB Pawsat who was 8-11 for 170+ and 3 TDs, also leading rusher with 80 yards and two more scores on the ground. A late Musketeer TD in the first half made it 28-14.


    Jordan Gilbert returned the opening 2nd half kickoff for a TD , Royals recovered another onsides kick and scored again. Game pretty much over at that point as Greenup is not built for the quick strike and was not stopping anything the Royals threw at them.


    I was very impressed with Greenup's Cory Lyle tonight. Well over 200 yards on something like 32 carries. I would love to see him play at the next level.


    A couple of players dinged for Mason County tonight; hopefully they can heal up over the next week or two.


    Finally, a shout out to recpark. It was great talking with you tonight.:thumb:




    McPapa very nice seeing you tonight. Mason is a very good team. Pawsat is an athlete. Good luck in the post season and ill see you on the hardwood. Always love coming to Mason county. Good people class act.

    GCHS - going to have to let this one go and get mentally ready for the real season and knox central next week. We believe in you!

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