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Covington Catholic 5 Ryle 3


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CovCath and Ryle got in the first game of the day before the rain started and both played an outstanding game of Baseball.


Since the afternoon games of Conner vs Ryle, St. Henry vs. Conner and the CovCath vs. St. Henry games have been rained out, I went back to work, so I won't be posting anything about the game except to say that Shumate went the distance for CovCath and improves his record to 2-0 until later this evening.


The Schedule for the rest of the tourney is as follows..


The Conner vs. Ryle game will be made up when those two team go up against each other on Monday in a District Seeding game.


If the field at CovCath is dry on Sunday:

St. Henry will play Conner at CovCath @ 1pm followed by the CovCath vs. St. Henry game. If the field at CovCah is too wet, then they hope to play at St. Henry.

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The Good: Adam Shumate pitching. The senior hurler for CovCath gave up only 3 runs on 5 hits and went the distance.


The Bad: Yesterday I bragged about not having so many LOB's but today... CovCath left a total of 11 men on.


The Ugly: Rain, lighting and Thunder.


BAWAC Inc. Offensive Star of the game: Got to go with my former battery mate from back in the Day's at CovCath (Johnny O'Brien) stepson Evan Winchester who hit a two run HR (375) in the top of the 4th.


Gruber Grill Defensive Star of the game: My man (and his Mom was my daughters kindergarten teacher), Jake Nienaber. In the top of the 5th with two outs Etscheid hits a line drive to left field that Jake takes a bead on and lays it all on the line diving for the ball, which he caught. Great catch Jake.


PeeWee's Place Star of the game: Got to go with Adam Shumate. Adam not only pitched an impressive game but knocked in two of the CovCath five runs today.

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Ryle top of the 1st;

Londard goes 8 on a 2b2s count, one out; Etscheid gets on via a HBP; Clarkson hits into a 5-4 FC Etsheid 2nd out as he is forced at second but the throw from the second baseman is thrown poorly and Clarkson finds himself standing on second; Hempel after Shumate throws a WP moving Clarkson to third goes 3 for the third out.

Ryle 1 LOB


CovCath bottom of the 1st;

Reese goes 3, 1st out; Best hits a single and then steals second base, Lankheit hits a double driving in Best for a RBI; Severson hits a ball deep that the LF drops for a E-7C men on first and second; Schneider a FC that the 3rd basemen fields and then forces out Lankheit at third but then throws the ball away; men on second and third; and two out, Grosser walks and then Shumate helps himself with a single and a rbi.

2 run 3 hits 2 errors 3 lob 1 earned run


Ryle top of the2nd;

After getting Winchester to K on a 1b2s count, Shumate earns himself a E-1 on a throw then Balks that same rummer to second OBryan; But then he settles himself down and K's Truitt and Camora.

q runs 9 hits


CovCath 2nd:Nienaber drops donw a beautiful bunt single but after Reese sac him to second Jake dies there

CovCath 1 hit 1 lOB


Ryle top of the 3rd:Steinle singles and goes to second on a wp and third on a sac by Lonkard for the 1st out. then Adam throws another WP but Lankheit is Johnny on the spot and races back to the ball then throws it to Shumate who tages the sliding Steinle out at the plate.

Ryle 1 hit 0 runs


CovCath 3rd

Severson gets on with a single, gets moved to third on a hit by Grosser and again Shumate comes through with a FC to 6-4 that forces Grosser but Severson scores.

1 run 3 hits


Ryle top of the 4th

Clarkson goes 3, 1 out, Hempel get a hit then Winchester hit a HR (375).

Ryle 2 hits 2 runs


CovCath 4th and 5th

Nothing special


Ryle 5th Comora doubles is moved to third on a sac bunt 1-3 and is sent home with the tying run by ground out to 3.

1 run 1 hit


CovCath bottom of 6th;

Reese goes Nutini (HBP), Best goes 5-3 sac bunt; man on second one out; Ryle Intentionally walks Lankheit, but Seversoon get a Nutini also (HBP), bases loaded one out and Schneider earns himself a rbi and a hit and Grosser goes 5-3 but a run scores.

2 runs 1 hit


Ryle top of the seventh;

Ryle goes out 1, 2 and 3 to end the game.

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CovCath pitching


Adam Shumate W (2-0) 82 pitches 25 PA 5 hits 3 runs 3 earned runs 0 walks 5 K's 1 HR 1 Balk 2 WP and a HBP


CovCath hitting


Reese 4 PA 1 run scored 1 HBP and 1 FC

Best 4 PA 1 run scored 1 single and 1 sac bunt

Lankheit 4 PA 1 rbi 1 double and 1 walk

Fagel CR

Mader CR 1 run scored

Severson 4 PA 2 runs scored 1 single 2 HBP and reached base via a E-7

Schneider 4 PA 1 single 1 rbi 1 sac bunt 1 sb 1 FC and 1 reached base via E-5

Grosser 4 PA 1 hit 1 rbi 1 walk and 1 sac bunt

Shmuate 4 PA 1 hit 2 rbi's 1 walk and 1 FC

Robinson CR

Robinson CR

Stein 3 PA 1 K swinging 1 1 Nutini (HBP)

Nienaber 2 PA 2 hits

Maile 1 PA 1 k


CovCath 34 PA 5 runs scored 7 singles 5 rbi's 1 double 3 walks 2 K's 3 sac bunts 4 HBP 3 FC and 2 errors


CovCath improves their record to 5-1

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