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Covington Catholic 41 Boone County 16 (Frosh)


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7-0 CovCath

Pope 18 yard TD run

1st quarter 7:16

Dressman good


14-0 CovCath

Dressman 9 yard TD run

2nd quarter 5:56

Dressman good


14-8 CovCath

#15 Brossart 28 yard TD pass to #34 Boston

2nd quarter 3:25

#28 Diaw 2pt run conversion good


21-8 CovCath

Dressman 28 yard TD run

3rd quarter 5:27

Dressman good


28-8 CovCath

Bir 10 yard TD run

3rd quarter 2:23

Dressman good


35-8 CovCath

Pope 25 yard TD run

4th quarter 7:05

Kathman good



#15 Brossart 14 yard TD run

4th quarter 1:28

#15 Brossart 2pt run conversion good


41-16 CovCath

Bir 73 yard TD run

4th quarter 0:00

no pat attempted


Note: On the last TD, Bir was in at QB, as Way, the usual second string QB was injured on a play earlier in the game.


Stars of the game on offense

CovCath Dressman

CovCath Bir

Boone Brossart


Stars of the game on defense

CovCath Miller

CovCath Meek

Boone Roberts

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Congrats to the CCH frosh team. Thanks TOG for the info on the game!



Thanks for the kind words! :thumb:


I find it strange that more don't post a summary of the scoring by their JV and Frosh teams!:idunno:


It easy to do, and like the baseball games I do, it doesn't take anything more than having a note book and a pencil with you to write down the information.


Just always surprised me when you have so many posting about the game but no one post the scoring!


Again thanks for the kind words JB! :thumb:

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