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NCC at Beechwood: Big game or just prelim of playoffs?

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Beechwood hosts NCC and will this just be another Round 1 or is it an important game to win?


IMO neither team is as good as last year (when they were the two best teams in Class A) and both need to improve on some critical areas in order to make a deep post season run.


In this match-up I'm leaning towards Beechwood because of the better ground game but I think both teams are still working at getting better. You could argue that playoff Home field is at stake but I don't see that as being all that huge.

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I think the game is about even. However, it is not a lock that these two teams will meet again. The loser is going to have a tall task on the road in round two.

That's very gracious of you, Guru. While the LCA parents and faithful want to believe that, we realize we will still be the underdogs. Northern Kentucky has a tradition of winning, while we still have to prove we belong.

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Well then this game is huge then right?

Yes and no. I think 'Ru is overestimating the 2nd round a little bit... but not completely.


As I have never once picked the Beechies over my 'Breds, I'll take NewCath in a close game (that I will hopefully be able to attend) that is no more than a field goal to a TD apart. This, of course, is all banking on my (probably foolish) hope that coaching, be it superb amounts as usual on the other side or the lack thereof on our side, doesn't hurt us.


NewCath 20

Beechwood 14



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I believe this will be a close game (provided neither team turns the ball over 1x+).


NCC has the advantage in the passing game, the Tigers in the running game. The NCC defends the run well, but its pass defense is average, at best.


The Tigers appear to defend the run well, but not the pass. Special teams are about even.


Then there is coaching / play calling.... Clearly, Yeagle has the credentials and success for this advantage.


That said, many believe that this is a "special year" for the Breds with Coach Schneiders recent accomplishment, and the closeness of this Thoroughbred team.


You can throw the CovCath performances out the window. This game will be close, and can go either way.


NCC - 28

Beechwood - 21

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Last year, I picked NC twice and was wrong twice. So, NC fans, I will pick the Beechies this year. Could be a good omen? Good luck to both teams and I do think it will be a game that is decided late in the 4th quarter.

I'll remember this for your Oracle rating. :laugh:


I'll pick Beechwood by 7

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