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Can't Guru Just Let Me Put the BGP Logo on a T-Shirt Instead? (Week #7)


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Week 7 Easy Pick'Em Contest


This is a new game that is open to everyone. The rules are simple. Each week we will select five games featuring teams from all areas of the state. Your job is to select the winner of each game. If you pick ALL FIVE games correctly, you win and earn a prize, NO TIEBREAKERS necessary.


The only two stipulations to this game is that once you correctly pick all 5 games and earn a prize or you win another 2008 Football Contest you are no longer eligible to enter this contest again.


The correct format to enter the game is:

Game 1 Winner

Game 2 Winner

Game 3 Winner

Game 4 Winner

Game 5 Winner



This week's games are as follows;


Woodford County vs. Ashland Paul Blazer

Prestonsburg vs. Beechwood

Boone County vs. Simon Kenton

Hopkinsville vs. Mercer County

Corbin vs. Middlesboro


Do not post anything that is not an entry. If you do so, the post(s) will be deleted. If you are not eligible to participate (eliminated in a prior week), DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD.


The deadline for all entries is 5 pm (EST) Friday.


Good luck to all!

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