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2008 Ashland Blazer


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Last year’s team depended on a lot of juniors and sophomores that had never played at the varsity level before. The lack of varsity experience was a big problem last year.


The bright side is: the Tomcats didn’t loose many starters to graduation (about 3) – almost all of the starters return bigger, stronger, and wiser.


We also shouldn’t be hampered by Quarterback controversy as in the last 2-years.


I expect the Tomcats to be run oriented on offense this year.

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Carter has not been practicing with the team. I believe that there are issues (not for discussion here).




Josh Alber (rising Junior) should get a lot of carries at FB and was really playing strong at the end of last season.


Blake McLeod, Josh Miller (both rising Seniors) along with Dom Demartino and Conner Swift (rising Juniors) should get carries at RB.


Drew Royalty (rising Junior) has a year under his belt at QB and was passing well at the end of last season. Look for him to be confident, calm and poised.


Returning linemen include:



Ryan Bonner - end

J.C. Thompson

Josh Salisbury

Evan Holbrook

Devin Hale

Cody Plank

Justin Pennington

Taylor Walker



Mark Ball

Nick Kosakowski

Ben Stringer


(I hope I haven't left any linemen out)


Someone else will have to provide the rest - this is the best I can do this early :D

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I heard that we didnt participate or wont be participating in the 7 on 7 passing drills this year.....

I heard he was going to live with his father in another state. Is there any truth to that?

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Ashland was way down last season. Don't look for very many of those type years with the Tomcats.

What I am saying is that Ashland is still Ashland, they are a proud tradition and they will be ready for this season and wanting to avenge some losses and critisizm they took last year. I look for a much better season in 08' from the Tomcats.


Good Luck to the Tomcats this season :thumb:, I hope that you win them all except for the one on Aug. 29th. :sssh:

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Carter has been to the last three practices. He has also been showing up for lifting and conditioning every day as of late. I can see a big attitude adjustment in him, and I look for him to have a big year.

Ashland will be returning a lot of starters from last seasons team, so I believe that expierence will come into play a lot this year. I look for a major improvement, and a whole lot of a stronger, and faster defense.

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I’ve also heard that Carter was back with the team. I hope he has his head on staight now - he has too much potential to just waste it.


I’ve recently and temporarily (next 5-weeks) lost my most direct and reliable source of football information – so I’m glad to hear this confirmed here on BGP.


I’m going to be dependent on y’all for news for a while. :thumb:



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