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2024 Interview with outdoors man and Martin County (KY) Lineman Corey Parsley

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Corey Parsley

Martin County High School

Guard/Defensive Tackle


5”11, 235

What were your personal goals entering the 2023 season, and were you able to achieve those goals?

My main personal goal was to excel as an offensive lineman and gain reps on the defensive line, and ultimately, I believe I exceeded both of these goals. I even started most of the year on D Line.

What were the goals you had set for your team entering the 2023 season, and did the team achieve those goals?

The main goal set for the team was to win a district championship. We met this goal and even got to play in a regional championship, which we unfortunately lost.

What were your overall thoughts about playing in the Pike County Bowl?

The Pike County Bowl was a tough game for us. We walked in there and acted like we were going to steamroll Pike County Central, and we lost, which is always tough, even though we ended up getting revenge later in the year. 

Who was the best team that Martin County faced during the 2023 season?

The best team we faced was undoubtedly Beachwood. They were on another level than we were, and we just have to grind this offseason to try and reach that level for this upcoming season. 

Who was the best player that Martin Couty faced during the 2023 season, along with the team he played for?

The best player we faced was probably Clay Hayden for Beechwood. It didn’t seem like he ever missed a throw.

What are you going to miss the most from the 2023 class?

I am going to miss all my senior buddies, who were my best friends for years on the team. Especially my lineman boys: Noah Mollette, Tate Crum, and Bryston Wells.

Which road game did you enjoy the most during the 2023 season? Explain

My favorite road game was probably Beechwood, even though we got beat. Just the bus trip and the fun we had before the game were awesome. 

Which stadium that you played in during the 2023 season was the worst to play in? Explain

The worst stadium was definitely East Carter. It was grass, and it was pouring rain. Everybody just kept slipping and falling, and we weren't able to make any plays.

What is your favorite part of a Martin County practice?

My favorite part of a Martin County practice is definitely the camaraderie and the competition. Everybody is always having fun and trying to make each other better.

What is the toughest part of a Martin County practice?

The toughest part of a practice is the conditioning. While it does stink, it’s in those moments that you find yourself and make yourself a better player. 

Which side of the line do you enjoy playing on the most? Explain

I enjoy playing on the right side the most because that's the side I’ve always played on. It’s just the most comfortable for me.

Which side of the line is the hardest to prepare for? Explain

The side of the line that's hardest to prepare for is the side that has their best defensive player. We always have to come up with ways to take care of that player, which isn't what we usually do. 

What is your favorite type of music?

My favorite type of music is country music. I can relate to it the most. 

What is your go-to snack?

Definitely a kitkat. The best candy bar. 

What are your hobbies when you are not playing or practicing sports?

Hunting and fishing. I love the outdoors.

Pics with the interview at the below link

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