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2007 Danville


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1. Continue to schedule good teams even more if possible with reduced district schedule.


2. Roster size isn't terribly large but that never mattered much in the past as the depth was the key. That might be a problem in 2007, as many key seniors were lost.


3. Don't get bored in the regular season. By that good teams that dominate their district are only playing for seeding now and might get bored.

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I have heard they have a great middle school group of kids coming up. Make suer those kids get on the weights as often as possible while participating in other sports.


The schedule is very important, but Sam Harp tries to schedule teams that play in a high class in the majority of his pre-district schedule.


And finally, just be Danville!

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The Admirals do lose alot of good seniors this year but they also are returning some very key players.

1. Q.B. Jr. Trey Grey.Trey has a very good arm with excellent accuracy and is a good running Q.B.

2.W.R. Jr. Leonard Macon at 6'5 is a very good target to throw to with great hands and lots of speed.

3.W.R. Jr. Derrik Henderson at 6'1 is another very good receiver with alot of experience from last years team.

4.T.E. Sr. Dominique Alcorn 6'1 Very strong TE. Also with alot of Experience.

5.R.B. Sr. Tyrell Johnson 5'6 130lbs is lightning fast and is hard to catch.

6.R.B. Jr. Antwoine Simon 5'10 195Lbs This young man is a Horse he will not go down very easy.

7. R.B Sr. Jae Paul Jones 5'9 160Lbs he is a slashy type Runner with lots of quickness.

8.OL/DL Sr. Pearce Nesbitt 6'3 240 A very important part of the Line with last years state Runner up.

9.OL/DL Sr. BRANDON KLEIN 6'4 275 Also was a very Important Linemen for the Ads last season

10.OL/DL Sr. John Llamas 6'1 225lb.


These are just some of the Key players that come to mind.I will have more to tell when summer practices begain.

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