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2023 Player Spotlight/Interview with two time state champion Tayvian Boykins Pikeville High School

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Name Tayvian Boykins

School Pikeville

Class 2024

Positions played Wr, Rb, Qb, Pr, Kr

How long have you played football and what keeps you playing?
I’ve played football nearly since I’ve been alive and I love the competitive nature of it.

What do you feel you need to improve to be a better player this season?
I feel as if I can improve in all areas, but this year will be a heavy focus on just getting as strong and fast as possible.

What did you learn about yourself during the 2022 season that you can use to be a better player this season?
I learned that in order to dominate I had to get a lot stronger and faster and really lock in during the preseason so that we can make it back to Kroger and three-peat for my senior year.

Of all of the road games you have played which one have you enjoyed the most?
My favorite road game was Paintsville because that’s when I felt like our team started to really come together and bond. The Paintsville game started a fire in us that just never left during that whole season.

What is the best advice you have been given about being an athlete and who gave it to you?
The best advice I’ve been given about being an athlete is that it’s never enough. What I mean by that is you can never work hard enough to where it’s actually enough. My dad gave me this advice

What is your favorite part and least favorite part of playing high school football?
My favorite part is easily the games on Fridays, but the practices on the other hand are miserable.

How would your coach and teammates describe you?
I think my coaches and teammates would say I try to learn as much as possible while working really hard with nothing being able to stop me

Do you feel that you and your teammates are role models for the younger kids who come and watch you play?
Yeah me and my teammates are all taught that the community and everyone around you are affected by your actions as a football player so we try to be as much of a role model as possible towards the kids.

Who is the best player you have faced,?
The best player I have faced in my career is probably Issac Dixson or Cutter Boley.

Who has the best team you have ever faced?
The best team we have faced was probably Corbin

How important is spring ball not only to you but to the team as a whole?
We don’t do spring ball as a team but some of the players get together and work and build chemistry so it does still have a little importance in what we do.

Have you heard from any colleges about playing football, and would you name some of them?
I’ve talked to a couple of colleges about playing collegiate ball and at the moment I only hold one offer from the University of Pikeville.

What is your favorite movie?
My favorite movie is Chronicles

Where is your dream vacation spot?
My dream vacation spot is definitely Cuba or somewhere tropical.

What is one sport you wish you could play but can't?
I don’t know if Mixed Martial Arts is considered a sport but I would love to get into that again.

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