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Which team, from the west, has the best chance to win state?

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Over the last decade, most state championships winners have come from the central and east side of the state.  Northern KY has been represented well with the likes of Beechwood (1A '16, '17, '18 & 2A '20) and Covington Catholic ('17 & '19).  Highlands also makes the cut with their 'ships in 4A ('11,'12,'14).  Out here in the west, strong showings from the usual suspects: Mayfield (1A '12, '13, '14 & 2A '15), South Warren (4A '15, 5A '18), and Bowling Green in 5A ('11, '12, '13, '15, '16, '20).

This year, as semi-state hits this Friday, the west seems to have a really good showing! Questions is: who has the best chance, if any, to win state?


South Warren



Logan County


Paducah Tilghman







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Tilghman has already knocked off the number one team in 3A on the road so they probably have the best chance. South Warren and Owensboro have a good chance as well, seems like the 5A final four is a toss-up. Russellville will get to play Bethlehem at home but if they win and get to play  Pikeville I would consider Russellville the underdog. I don’t like Mayfield’s chances at Beechwood and even though I’d love to see Logan County go to al the way I’m afraid they will be blown out at Boyle. 

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