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D-3 Mount St. Joseph offers at least 52 current Kentucky juniors (2021 class)

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Based on players' twitter announcements, at least 52 Kentucky juniors (2021) were offered in the last few weeks by NCAA Division-3 Mount St. Joseph


Atherton: Zander Blue

Ballard: Brendan Mullaney, C'Mari Hayes, Trent Clavey,Ty Wickliffe

Boyle County: Luke Shepherson,Will McDaniel

Bryan Station: Braden Ferguson, Gio Watson

CAL: Gage Geren, William Paar

Covington Catholic: Trey Gronotte

Dixie Heights: Rhys Brown, Silas McDaniel

Eastern: Aiden Jackson

Elizabethtown: Camden Williams, Camran McNeil, Clay Games, Ryan Pyles

Estill County: Dyllon Long

Greenwood: Christian Hernandez

Henry Clay: Trent Hutchinson

Highlands: Mason South

Holy Cross-Louisville: Chaz Geraghty, Lex Thomas

KCD: Desric Mason, Jalen Todd, Vince Evans

Lawrence County: Danny Hall

Lexington Catholic: Chase Blair, Dylan Bracken, Jackson Corbett, John Martin Simms, Teddy Bullock

Madison Central: Brayden Prewitt, Canon Scenters, Zach Holbrook, Sam Arthur

North Hardin: Alijah Isaac, Elijah Banks, Jordan Moore

Paintsville: Jake Hyden, Karsten Poe

Paul Dunbar: John Law

Ryle: Connor Lee

St. Xavier: Braden Wilson, Grant Goodman, Parker Guillaume

Taylor County: Carson Watson

Trinity: Gunner Flanagan, Jackson Schulz, Nathan McElroy

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What exactly does an “offer” entail at the Mount?


Like most D3 schools, not a lot. They don't offer athletic aid. Neither the school or the player is legally bound to anything. It's not even a letter of intent. It's more ceremonial than anything else, and mostly amounts to just an opportunity to join the program. And in reality, as long as tuition gets paid, they'll offer anyone a "spot" on the team. The only thing that really needs to be "signed" is the check the parents write to cover their portion of the cost.

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My experience with MSJ is that they operate under the "basket principal", which makes many offers in hopes that a few of them will work out.

Being a "pay to play" school, it is win, win for MSJ.

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