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2007/2008 Season Dates (surprises?)


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The 2007 and 2008 season dates are as below, pushing the finals date back further and further. I guess this is the solution to avoiding a conflict with Papa Johns in 2008.


The 2008 dates are going to be particularly upsetting to the basketball coaches around the state.



8/24/07 Week 1 of the regular season

11/2/07 Week 11 of the regular season

11/9/07 Week 1 of the playoffs

11/16/07 Week 2

11/23/07 Regionals

11/30/07 Semifinals

12/7/07 Finals Week




8/29/08 Week 1 of the regular season

11/7/08 Week 11 of the regular season

11/14/08 Week 1 of the playoffs

11/21/08 Week 2

11/28/08 Regionals

12/5/08 Semifinals

12/12/08 Finals Week


These dates come from this link at the KHSAA.

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It was done to help beat the heat of early August. Basketball may not like it but the welfare of student athletes will come first. Besides if the player is good he will not miss a beat coming in that late. I just hope basketball coaches don't make a bigger push for their athletes to not play football due to this happening.

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Better get ready for football in the snow.

2002 finals were played with snow piled all around Cardinal Stadium and temps in the teens mid afternoon, couple that with a pounding from Breathitt and I don't think I have been colder in my life.........


Most small school basketball teams can't survive without 2 or 3 of the football players. Most coaches do have a problem with it but DO get over it.

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Any basketball coach that does this should be fired immediately.

When does the district basketball tournaments start again. One more week (if your team is lucky enough to keep advancing that means that your kids are learning how to win=carries over to the next sport). I don't think that basketball coaches are going to go to crazy over this.

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Drop the bye week...how about only two teams make the playoffs from each watered down district and shorten them a week. That would make a whole lot more sense!:thumb:


I think the whole 'bye week' needs to be tweaked somewhat, somehow, I dont have the answer, but maybe have a universal 'bye week' for the state.?!!? Say, right before the playoffs, or in the middle of district play ( i realize this would never happen, but just a thought) The only reason i say this is because of some teams who have their by weeks the first, second, third weeks of the season. What's the point?! I agree that it might help some kids who might get injured in that first week or so of play, but unless they have a district game comming up, then that kid doesnt need to be rushing back to play in the first place, if in fact the injury is that serious.


Im loving the new schedule/dates. The one thing that I think will also change is the ridiculous school schedules nowadays. Kids/teachers starting school in late July/1st of August!! What a bunch of crap, what was ever wrong with the 'not so long ago' way of starting school in late August, early September, I have no idea!!??


So, if none other than HS football actually starting in the fall, going all the way up closer to Christmas, which will be great, it might get school schedules back to the way it used to be, and actually let these kids be kids, have a summer for two months, while opening up the weight room a few days a week for a couple hours (voluntarily) and then still have the whole month of August for practice. That is all you really need, anyway. One week of non-contact, the 2nd week have camp and a scrimmage that friday, 3rd week practice and scrimmage, the 4th week start school and practice for 1st game.


As far as what SOME of the basketball coaches across the state think, who cares?!!! Can someone explain this to me..why is it that most of your football coaches encourage kids to play basketball, baseball, etc., but most basketball coaches don't openly encourage their players to play other sports, specifically football?!?! I know, it's the 8th wonder of the world!! I know the reason that these coaches who feel this way, give,and it's the whole 'injury' thing, blah, blah. Fact is, there is just as many ankle, foot and knee injuries in basketball as there is in football, or at least that is how it's always seemed to me, but I just want to hear the REAL reason!

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