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Beechwood 63 Campbellsville 7


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It's also nice to have a healthy Josh Derry back. This kid is one of the best sophomores in the state.. Josh is a beast when healthy!!


Ball security has really been the only negative with the kid. He's done much better this year than last year. The future is bright for the kid.

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Congratulations to Campbellsville on a great year. Cubit is a very good RB. The freshman QB is good now and going to be even better over the next three years. Unfortunately for Campbellsville, Beechwood is out to prove to everyone how good they are and Campbellsville was in the way.


Beechwood RB James Davis had the best game of his career. He had to be over 200 yards rushing plus a kickoff return for a TD.


QB Braydon Burch was on target tonight. That was very good to see. He made some beautiful throws. I can only remember a couple of incomplete passes tonight.


Jake Moore stepped in and had a great game. It is awesome to see a senior football player work his tail off even though he isn't getting a ton of playing time but being ready when his team needs him - then stepping in and playing great like Jake did tonight. Great job Jake Moore. What you did tonight is an example of the Beechwood brotherhood at its finest.


Beechwood controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and that led to the big win.


It was just an outstanding effort by the Tigers tonight. One more!

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