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Newport Central Catholic 20 Christian Academy Louisville 15

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Remarkable win by the Breds as they showed a ton of heart and backbone making big plays in the 2nd Half


Did Carr get hurt? Looked like Wright was running the QB spot exclusively most of the game.


Regardless this just proved that NewCath is not dead and buried yet in the 2A race and CAL needs to tighten up their Offense to have hopes of winning back to back titles.

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How in the world did NewCath win this? They have looked 100% AWFUL this season. I'm shocked!!


To be fair they looked pretty good the first two weeks.


The last two weeks they got over matched against superior competition... but no doubt this is causing many a person to do a double take.

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First, the CAL QB is so elusive and quick running the ball. He is THE offense when running and not so much when throwing it obviously.

Second, CAL is so tough against the run on defense. They had one major breakdown but other than that they were lights out.


NCC kind of won the game on heart. Well and some interceptions. Really has to be a confidence builder for them. Especially the way it ended.


Yes the pass interference call was terrible but remember the official probably has the worst view with the ball and receiver coming right at him. So while it is easy to see the safety cut under the receiver and make the play I could see how it would look like PI from the officials angle. Then NCC staff compounded the issue with the Unsportsman penalty and really put the defense at a disadvantage by 15 on top of the 15 yards already.


But the interception was a fantastic play. Got to give it up to the back-up QB for NCC. Takes a lot to play defense all night and then come in to help out the offense by running the ball and even throwing it when he was asked to.

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