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What's your team's biggest non-district rival?

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For Belfry:

Historically it would have to be Pikeville


In the recent past (Past decade) it would be Johnson Central.


Louisville Central is a rival that is hard to quantify. When you have played them six times in the past 10 years in the state Finals it has to count for something.

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Historically St. X of course, but when all is said and done that tends to be a fairly amicable rivalry.


From a dislike for each other standpoint it would have to be Male assuming it continues when the current contract is up.


Trinity really doesn't have many out of district rivals because not many teams out of their district will play them long enough to get a real rivalry started.

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Garrard County/Lincoln County. Goes back over 100 years when it was Lancaster/Stanford.


It isn't district in football but it is in all other sports. The towns are close, kids know each other, many have married folks from the other school. Almost always play Labor Day weekend so you get something like a homecoming crowd.

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