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BluegrassPreps - Western Kentucky Power Ranking - 09/25/16


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BluegrassPreps 2016 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 5 Edition


Concerning the top story line for this week, District Football is here! Whether you already have 1 district game under your belt or if you are on the brink of it, the most important part of the regular season has arrived. These are teams you know well and they know you well. You have a history that goes back many years (by most accounts). Some battles have gone your way and some have not, but the freshness in the air of a new season is upon us. Whether you have had a good season to this point or not really, doesn’t matter as long as you play well now!


Popcorn N Coke Top 10 Version – Week 5:

1. Bowling Green 5A (6-0): Win 55-7 vs 6A Central Hardin

2. Mayfield 2A (6-0): Win 35-34 vs 3A Corbin at Lindsey Wilson University

3. Franklin Simpson 4A (6-0): Win 30-24 vs 4A South Warren

4. Christian County 5A (5-1): Win 40-13 at 5A Marshall County

5. South Warren 4A (4-2): Loss 30-24 at 4A Franklin Simpson

6. Greenwood 5A (5-1): Win 45-12 at 2A Glasgow

7. McCracken County 6A (4-2): Win 62-20 at 6A Daviess County

8. Owensboro Catholic (5-1): Win 42-28 at 2A Butler County

9. Hopkinsville 4A (4-1): BYE

10. Russellville 1A (6-0): Win 33-14 at 2A Murray


Week 5 Western Kentucky Game of the Week Recap: 4A South Warren (4-2) 24 at 4A Franklin Simpson (6-0) 30. Well I’m sure the Frosty Freeze was hopping after this Great District Battle in Franklin last Friday night! A game full of many types of drama: dropped passes, injuries, perseverance, determination and just flat out good football! These are 2 of the best teams in 4A this year – no denying that! According to our good friend @macdon, Franklin Simpson gained a total of 414 yards (271 through the air which was HUGE!) and South Warren gained 287 yards (all but 21 net yards in the Air!). Franklin scored on a blocked punt for a safety. South hit a Big 30 yard FG. Several big penalties as these close games typically have. I’m sure none of us will be surprised if this is only the first of two meetings this season between these 2 fine squads. However, the Hopkinsville Tigers will have something to say about that!


Week 6 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: 5A Owensboro (3-2) at 5A Christian County (5-1) – This is the biggest game of the season for 5A District 1. Owensboro won last year 49-24 at Rash Stadium, but both teams are different this year. Christian County has excellent athletes but several go both ways, as do several key guys for the Red Devils. Our good friend @devils58 says the Red Devils implemented a new offensive wrinkle 2 Fridays ago vs Apollo using the QB to run some. That could be a factor in this game. Another factor will be: can the Colonels offense hit more of a stride they lacked in the Hopkinsville game? We shall see. But make no mistake, the winner of this game is the leader in the district and the leader to avoid BG for another week in the playoffs. No more Tune Up games! It’s District Ball! It’s time to play your best right now!


Honorable Mention: Adair County at Edmonson County and McLean County at OCATH


Meat & Potato’s Version Week 5 Top 10:

10) Russellville (1A) – Preseason Rank (PR): Top 15; Last Week (LW): 10 - 2016 Record 6-0; [District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 33-14 over 2A Murray (1-5). The Panthers didn’t get a running clock but just about everything but. They outgained Murray 395 to 295 and had a 26-0 halftime lead. Jaylyn McMurray led the way with 7 carries for 165 yards and 1 TD and 1 24 yard TD pass to MJ Jones. Week 6 or Weak 6: In Pilot Country at 1A Fulton County (0-6) Is this really necessary; Don’t hurt the Pilots!


9) Hopkinsville (4A) – PR: 9; LW: 8 - 2016 Record 4-1; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: BYE, which means the Cupcake Flavor of the Week is Vanilla! Check below to find out next week’s flavor! I would imagine several Tiger Coaches may have traveled to Franklin last Friday to scout ahead (Might be a good idea!) Week 6: at Madisonville North Hopkins (2-4). The Maroons have played some pretty dog gone good teams, but haven’t beaten any of them. They are the Tigers toughest test in the district and it’s on the road. However, Hopkinsville is coming off a bye week after losing a winnable game to their biggest rival. Therefore, I’m sure Coach Clark hasn’t had any trouble getting his team's attention this week. But I still expect them to start sluggishly, but recover, and then bury the Maroons in the end sending a statement to the rest of the district – if they don’t already know what’s coming! Maroon Cupcakes…… Must be red velvet!!!!


8) Owensboro Catholic (2A) – PR: Top 15; LW: 9 - 2016 Record 5-1; [District Record 1-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 42-28 at Butler County 2A (3-3). Sorry, I don’t have any stats, but 1 thing I do know is Owensboro Catholic is on a roll and will be a tough out come playoff time. They go on the road to their toughest district opponent and win by 2 TDs. Week 6: vs 2A McLean County (4-1). The Cougars have already had a solid year beating 6A Ohio County and nearly beating upstart 6A Muhlenberg County (lost 34-32 on the road). So now they come calling to Owensboro for some Old South Barbeque and maybe something more. However, that would not be the norm. Since 2009, all games but 1 (2009 the Aces won in Calhoun 42-41 – Great game!) have been blow out Aces wins. Will this be any different? I don’t think so.


7) McCracken County (6A) – PR: 4; LW: 5 - 2016 Record 4-2; [District Record 1-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 62 to 20 vs. Daviess County 6A (3-3). Mustangs earn 600 total yards and give up only 136! WOW! Cash Jones with 270 passing yards and 5 TDs; Darren Woods with 7 catches for 85 yards and 2 TDs; and Tayshawn Allen 4 carries for 129 yards and 1 TD. That’s the way you start out in district play! Expect much of the same next week! Week 6: In Eagle County at Ohio County 6A (2-4). The road trip lingers on for weary Mustang followers. After this week’s trip, Mustang fans will have logged over 8 hours and 500 miles of travel to follow their team! Not sure anybody else can match that in this specific 2 week period! Problem is there’s another 4 hours and 240 miles (following week at Henderson County) behind that! WOW! Hope you got a good tune up for the family roadster this week! Football wise, you should be in great shape as these 3 teams are down right now. You should prosper by taking control of the district during this span of games.


6). Greenwood (5A) – PR: 10; LW: 6 - 2016 Record 5-1; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 45-12 at 2A Glasgow (4-1). No stats for this one, but you can bet Jackson Adams had another big game! Glasgow is a good team, but as our good friend @GHSFAN09 told us: the Scotties are fighting off some injuries at this point in the year. Still very good road win for the Gators as they ramp up for District Play! Week 6: District Opener & Senior Night as the 5A Barren County Trojans (0-6) come to the Swamp! Don’t worry Trojans your district grudge match with Grayson County (1-5) will offer you an opportunity to get a sweet W! No more regular season home games for the Gators! When you say that, you know the season is chugging along.


5) South Warren (4A) – PR: 3; LW: 4 - 2016 Record 4-2; [District Record 0-1] Week 5 Results: Loss: 30-24 vs 4A Franklin Simpson (6-0). Another gritty game Spartan fans! This time the grit went against you though. I assume you are disappointed with several opportunities that you weren’t able to seize upon that could have changed the outcome of this game. But, you have to be proud of your team for continuing to play hard and give everything they have even while playing at less than 100%. You also are getting valuable minutes to younger Spartans you will need in the future to stand up now. All is not lost for sure, but this does have District and playoff ramifications in that if things play out AS EXPECTED (maybe they will; maybe they won’t); you will have to travel to Hopkinsville in Week 2 of the playoffs! Can you win that one? Sure, but it won’t be easy. Week 6: BYE. And it’s a GREAT time for that, as the Spartans have been a MASH unit since Week 2 at Greenwood!


4). Christian County (5A) – PR: 5; LW: 7 - 2016 Record 5-1; [District Record 1-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 40-13 at 5A Marshall County (3-2). The only stats I had were from Marshall County. The yardage battle was tight: CC 108 vs MC 143 rush yards; CC 165 vs 136 pass yards. Christian County is a good solid team, but I am impressed with this Marshall County team and with continued stability and coaching from Coach Merrick and staff, I see very good things in the future for the Marshalls. Christian County moves to a really significant game for them! Week 6: Western Kentucky Game of the Week! District Buster vs 5A Owensboro (3-2). The strongest 2 teams in the strongest 5A district (top to bottom) meet at the Stadium of Champions in a high stakes game to gain a clear early lead in the district. Can Owensboro stop Christian County’s passing offense? Can Christian County stop Owensboro’s punishing rushing offense? Who do you like in this one? Just as important: Meet at the Wood Shed for a great Pre-Game Meal! woodshed2.jpg


3) Franklin Simpson (4A) – PR: 8; LW – 3 - 2016 Record 6-0; [District Record 1-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 30-24 over 4A South Warren (4-2). WHAT A GAME Wildcat Fans! You have to be beaming off the ceiling still! For me, the Wildcats have proven a lot this season. Not to say they weren't good last year; it’s just the microscope wasn’t as focused as it has been this year. Add that to the fact you have wins at Caldwell County, at Greenwood and now your first ever vs defending 4A State Champions South Warren and you are feeling GREAT and next Friday can’t come quick enough! Greatest Regular Season Win Ever? I wouldn’t go that far due to Franklin’s rich past, but it has to rank up there somewhere. Week 6: In Dragon Country at 4A Warren Central (0-6). Not shaping up for much of a game unfortunately, but awesome shiny new stadium! I would say use this game to rest and heal up your banged up troops as Allen County Scottsville is on the horizon and will give you a game. But that game will be in Franklin, so if I’m a Wildcat fan, I like my chances!


2) Mayfield (2A) – PR: 2; LW: 2 - 2016 Record 6-0; [District Record 0-0] - Week 5 Results: Win: 35-34 over 3A Stout Corbin (5-1). WHAT A GAME Cardinal Fans! What a way to use 7 hours and 480 miles (round trip totals)! Hat’s off to both schools for working through all the hoops necessary to make this game happen! Both teams will be better in the playoffs for it! Mayfield was On Fire in the first half! If not for a blocked punt kick 6 and pick 6 the halftime score would have been 28-0 Mayfield, but was actually 28-14 with Corbin having 0 first downs and 19 yards total compared to 361 for the Cardinals. But to their credit Corbin never quit and fought all the way back and decided to go for 2 and the lead, but missed and settled for 35-34 with almost 5 minutes to go in the 4th Quarter. Mayfield to their credit stayed the course and finished out the game to win it. I know several Mayfield fans are disappointed that Big Red didn’t keep the hammer down and finish off the Redhounds. But keep this in mind. You go to school all day; get on a bus and drive 4 hours; prep for the game and blow their doors off in the first half; I’d be feeling pretty good by then also. And Corbin is/was #2 in 3A and plays far fewer (if any) 2 way players. I’d say the Mayfield coaches have to understand this and will use this as motivation going forward – not that you need it as YOU won the game! Week 6: District Opener in Tiger Country vs 2A Murray (1-5) NOT your typical Murray squad. As you recall last year, Murray gave you a real game for at least a half. How you pulled that late 2nd Quarter TD in that one, I still don’t know! Will Super-talented RB Trajan Bright return for this one? If he does, that would tell me that he is completely healed, as no reason to chance it with such a valuable player.


1) Bowling Green (5A) – PR: 1; LW: 1 - 2016 Record 6-0; [District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 55-7 over 6A Central Hardin (3-3). First, I thought Central Hardin was well coached and came out and punched BG in the mouth for the first time since St X. Problem was that Central is very limited in the skills positions. Iller and Barbour are both very good, but they fill A LOT of gaps for the Bruins! Good luck in your district! Second, How about Clark Payne! The young man is simply getting it done! As our good friend @Purple Nationtold you in the game thread, Payne set a BGHS school record with 415 yards passing. As Coach Wallace tweeted, “After 6 games (only 17 quarters played) 104-175, 72% , 1,661 yards, 19 TD, & only 1 INT. Dear recruiters, please take a 2nd look!” Third, Jamale Carothers needs 2 TDs to pass Nacarius Fant for 2nd on the all-time BGHS scoring list. Finally, 3 Purple receivers had 6 catches on the night highlighted by a career night for SR Luke Brown who’s 6 catches totaled 231 yards for 4 TDs! He has had a FANTASTIC SR Year! Week 6: Thursday Night – District Opener – In Cougar Country at 5A Grayson County (1-5). First, thanks to the Grayson County administration for agreeing to play on Thursday night, as this lets those that want to get a jump on Fall Break jumping early! Also BIG congratulations to the Cougars for their first victory of the year (49-34 over Breckinridge County)! I know it’s already been a long one, but hope you savored it as I don’t see another on your remaining schedule! Vs BG – just not going to be competitive is about as nice as it gets.


Week 5 Players of the Week: (I am going to try to pick different guys for this list if I can to try and provide more hardworking young men a chance to get highlighted than to keep going to the same ones over and over. Also, I do not get all the stats by the time this edition goes out, so please add to the list and thank you for it!)


1) Clark Payne – QB – Bowling Green – 24-27 for 415 yards and 4 TDs!

Luke Brown – WR – Bowling Green – 6 catches for 231 yards and 4 TDs!

2) Jack Murrell – WR – Mayfield – 10 catches vs Corbin!

3) Grant Johnson – LB – Marshall County – 16 tackles vs Christian County!

4) Cash Jones – QB – McCracken County – 28-38 for 270 yards and 5 TDs!

5) Jordan Stallings – RB – Grayson County – 17 carries for 212 yards and 3 TDs; plus 2 catches for 76 yards and 1 TD! Great Job & Determination!


Week 5 “Big Droppers”

South Warren (4A) – Down – I had to put someone here. Even though you battled your tales off and fought valiantly, just wasn't enough. Plus our good friend @jcarter reported many dropped passed that would have made a difference. Just is what it is. Get healthy Spartans! Long way to go!

Logan County (4A) – Down – Yes, I know they haven’t won a game in a long time, but at home, for Homecoming, vs a beatable team (Hopkins County Central) and get clipped in overtime 35-27 is just an awfully demoralizing loss. That’s why they are here. Hold the fort Cougars, as we’re behind you on the last game of the season at Todd County Central! .


Week 5 “Big Risers”

Franklin Simpson (4A) – Up – Finally, got that hunter green monkey off your back! I bet that feels good! Have faced all challengers and come out on top! Allen County Scottsville and Russellville will be challenging games, but by your efforts on Friday – YOU are now the Man and the District now must come through you!

Owensboro Catholic (2A) – Up – Just beat your biggest district rival on the road. You have to feel good about that! I feel a Big Battle brewing for the 2A West playoffs between OCATH and Mayfield. Both teams have great players! Will they all be available is my question? Too early to tell! Focus on continuing to take care of business in the district is job 1. But inquiring football fans always have their eyes up to see what might/should be down the road! Aces are Rollin!


11 Thru 15


11. Adair County (3A) – PR: Top 15; LW: 13 – 2016 Record: 6-0. Indians with another good win over a solid 1A KCD squad 44-3. Next up at 2-4 Edmonson County! According to our good friend @ACfan4, this game could be considered a trap game as the Indians have a bye the following week with Etown on the horizon. Also Edmonson County just went to Etown and lost 52-29. So we will have to compare scores after next Friday!

12. Owensboro (5A) – PR: 7; LW: 12 - 2016 Record 3-2; [District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: BYE. Red Devils should be fresh as daisies after the time off! Now they head to Christian County with the District on the line - Plain & Simple! Yes, it’s the first game of the District, but these are the 2 best teams in that district. Can Owensboro’s OLine dictate the line of scrimmage? We shall see!

13. Glasgow (2A) – PR: Top 15; LW: 11 – 2016 Record: 4-1: Loss 45-12 against a very talented 5A Greenwood squad. Our good friend @GHSFAN09 reported that Glasgow has been fighting with injuries for a bit and this was amplified as the first half score was 24-12. Glasgow never scored again while Greenwood tacked on 3 more TDs. Depth was a real issue for the Scotties. But all is not lost, as you should be favored in all your remaining games except maybe Etown.

14. Muhlenberg County (6A) – PR: Top 20; LW: 15. Mustangs took the bye week off after trouncing 2A Hancock County 42-3, and now travel to the Land of John James Audubon to take on the Henderson County Colonels coming off their first win of the year (55-13 vs 6A Ohio County). Last year, Henderson beat Muhlenberg 35-12 in Greenville. I’m pickin the Stangs in this one even though they are the underdog!

15. Caldwell County (3A) – Fresh off a 45-20 win at 3A District Rival Paducah Tilghman, you seem to be riding high after a rocky non-district slate against tough upper classification teams. If healthy, I can see Caldwell making a move and being a very tough out on the west side of the bracket of 3A!


Others Receiving Votes: Graves County, Allen County Scottsville, Paducah Tilghman, Monroe County, Metcalfe County, Edmonson County, McLean County


“Broke Their Maiden” – In horse racing, when you break your maiden, you win your first race. Well this category is for teams that don’t get as much love, but did get their first victory of the season here and I think that’s significant:

Henderson County spanked Ohio County 55-13 to get their first W of the year. And a district win at that! No time like the present!

Grayson County beat 4A Breckinridge County 49-34 for their first win of the season – Congratulations!!!


THE SEXY 6: Glasgow bows out and these 6 teams remain unbeaten this season!

Team (% likely to remain undefeated all season) (biggest challengers remaining)

(In alphabetical order):

Adair County (75%) (Elizabethtown and Casey County)

Bowling Green (95%) (Greenwood and McCracken County)

Franklin Simpson (65%) (Allen County Scottsville, and Russellville)

Mayfield (85%) (Caldwell County)

Muhlenberg County (25%) (Henderson County, McCracken County, Daviess County)

Russellville (50%) (Franklin Simpson)


THE SULLEN 6: With Henderson County (and Grayson County – How did I forget them?) surging on, these 6 troopers remain winless on the season!

Team (% likely to get a win this season) (best chance at a win remaining)

(In alphabetical order):

Barren County (40%) (Grayson County and Edmonson County)

Caverna (25%) (Fort Knox)

Fulton County (10%) (Merge with Fulton City, Earthquake, Hurricane, Forfeit)

Logan County (50%) (Todd County Central)

Todd County Central (50%) (Logan County)

Warren Central (10%) (Warren East)

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Wanted to see what you guys thought about 16 through 20. A Top 20 just feels right to discuss, but obviously 16 through 20 is much more debatable.


What do you like/dislike about these:


16 Graves County - Record 4-2. Only losses to Mayfield and Hopkinsville. Have a good team and well coached, just haven't been able to gel completely yet.


17 Allen County Scottsville - Record 3-3. With just a few woulda, coulda, shoulda's this team would be 6 and 0. Dangerous customer for their district foes!


18. Marshall County - Record 3-2. Only losses to #2 Mayfield and #4 Christian County. Well coached and Real potential here.


19. Paducah Tilghman - Record 1-5. First year coach playing a killer schedule (2 6A schools, 1 5A school, 1 4A school, 1 3A school and Mayfield). Potential all over the field, but when will they put it together?


20. Tie: Calloway County - Record 4-1. Lost to Marshall County. Solid Squad, just won't beat many teams above them.

Henderson County - 1-5. Played a killer schedule. Now already got their 1st district win last week. Hard to put you higher right now with 5 Ls, but love your new coach and can only go up!


Others Considered: McLean County, Metcalfe County, Madisonville NH, Edmonson County, and Monroe County


What do you think?

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