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Lexington/Central KY Regional Football Contest Week 6 Results - Sponsored by GRIPPOS!


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Thanks to Grippos-BBQ potato chips-Snacks-potato chips-Cincinnati for sponsoring our Central Kentucky Football Contest. Grippo's produces the freshest, highest quality potato chips and snack foods you can eat. So when someone tells you to "get a grip!" you know what they mean...get Grippo's! Find Grippos in your local Kroger, Dollar General or nearest convenient store.



Here are the results for this week's Lexington/Central Kentucky Regional contest. As always, the results won't be final for 24 hours. All contestants should use that time to check their score for errors. After that time period has passed, the contest is final and the winner should use the following link to claim the prize of choice. If you think your score is incorrect, please send me a PM and I will look into your claim.


Scores this week were better than last week, but that's like saying you have the best navy in Nebraska.


We had did have two perfect scores of 18 in this week's titantic struggle, so we had to go to the first tiebreaker. Congratulations to Rebelstat on winning the Week 6 contest!


Winners click HERE to claim your prize: Contest Prizes - Sponsorship Opportunity Available


Week 6 Contest Game Results


Tates Creek 48 Bryan Station 27

Frankfort 40 North Oldham 28

Dunbar 40 Anderson County 21

Harrison County 30 Holmes 6

Garrard County 26 Lloyd 25


And here are the scores of this week's entries. Again, please double-check you scores, as I do this stuff on an abacus. You use what you grew up with.


18 Rebelstat (Tates Creek, 48)

18 PurplePride92 (Dunbar, 40)

17 All State Baseball

17 Psychicscubadiver

16 BigEyeInTheSky

16 Rebel

15 plantmanky

14 Pirate1960

13 eaglepride924

11 littleluck55

11 gchs_uk9

11 ATLCat

10 newarkcatholicfan

10 16thBBall Fan

10 dmh115


9 Fishhead

8 HSfootballfan18

8 Bluegrasscard

7 Ian Petrella

6 85_Rebel

6 rjs4470


6 Black and Blue


5 winterweather

5 coldweatherfan


3 tackle trap

3 Jumper_Dad

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Cumulative standings through week 6. Again, please double-check your score.


psychicscubadiver 92

Rebelstat 85


All State Baseball 82

dmh115 76

pirate1960 74

plantmanky 74

Randy 74

winterweather 73


gchs_uk9 71

eaglepride924 70

Boy Wonder 70

rjs4470 69


Rebel 69

Bluegrasscard 68

PurplePride92 68

tackle trap 68

BigEyeInTheSky 65

HSfootballfan18 64

littleluck55 64

ATLCat 63


16thBaseball Fan 60

Fishhead 59

se7ens 58

85_Rebel 57

Black and Blue 56

Jumper_Dad 55

coldweatherfan 49

newarkcatholicfan 47

reallydontbelievethehype 43

DragonFire 38

Blake1978j 30


mcpapa 15


random925 10

Hellcats 9

jblanton 9

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