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Louisville Football Power Rankings for 9-20 - Sponsored by Get in the Game on WBKI.


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Thanks to our Sponsor WBKI TV Louisville The CW. Get in the game with Game On WBKI Saturdays @ 8p.

Tv station: WBKI TV

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1. Trinity – (5-0) Some say Trinity came out to PRP a little too relaxed with their success this season winning only by 19 (29-10), or maybe PRP is better than many thought they were? Regardless, Trinity stays number 1 as it faces Jeffersontown which should not be much of a game.


2. Male – (4-1) Male dominates Seneca (66-6) as expected and hangs on to the second place. Next week Male faces a little more difficult opponent in Butler.


3. Dupont Manual – (4-0) Manual takes down Ballard in the Featured Game of the Week and solidifies its 3rd ranking. The Crimsons face an easier opponent this week as it visits Western High School


4. St. Xavier – (4-1) St. X has back to back solid wins (Central last week, Fort Thomas Highlands this past weekend) giving some argument that X may deserve the 3 place ranking? Time will tell but this coming weekend X welcomes PRP who gave Trinity a solid challenge last Friday.


5. Christian Academy of Louisville – (4-1) While beating North Oldham is not a big accomplishment, CAL keeps winning and holds on to the 5 spot. Next week CAL faces a bit more formable opponent in Meade County.


6. Pleasure Ridge Park – (4-1) While PRP lost, they gave the number one team in the state are fairly close game. While some may not like moral victories, this one keeps PRP at the 6 spot. Next week PRP takes on St. X.


7. St. Francis DeSales - (4-1) The Colts slammed their Southend Catholic brethren Holy Cross 54-0 and moves up to the number 7 spot. Next week DeSales takes on 5A Fern Creek.


8. South Oldham - (4-0) With a win over Boone County, the Dragons of South Oldham enter the rankings this week. Next week the Dragons face county foe Oldham County.


9. Ballard - (3-2) The Bruins had a tough loss against number 3 Manual resulting in a drop in ranking but not a drop out of the rankings. Next week Ballard can get back on the winning trail when the face fellow East End school Eastern High School.


10. North Hardin - (4-1) North Hardin rounds out the top 10 due to their successful season. Next week they face Monroe County.



Honorable Mention – these are the teams that just missed the Top Ten and are positioned to step up when those ranked stumble and fall out of the rankings




Central Hardin – (3-2) Central Hardin drops out of the rankings with back to back losses. Next week won’t get any easier as they face Bowling Green



Team on the Rise – No teams had a great win or upset victory so the Team on the Rise award will be withheld this week.


Team on the DeclineCentral Hardin wins the award again with back to back losses. A great showing against Bowling Green could redeem Central.


Featured Game of the WeekSt. X versus PRP

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Either, I've somehow jumped back in time by a week, or Fern Creek has already played DeSales, with DeSales taking home a two-score victory.


Oh jeez, I must have pulled up old notes when writing that section. I hope a mod can delete that part and let me fix that tonight

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Not nearly as many big matchups this week that would affect the standings, but a few good ones nonetheless:


Central Hardin @Bowling Green -- to prove they belong in this group of 10, would help their case to play BG tough, even if not a win.


PRP @St. X -- Proved against Trinity they have the chops to compete against the best, but enough to actually beat one? X may be hitting their stride on their way to a huge matchup in THE game...but will they look ahead?


Waggener @Central -- Our WBKI Game-On game of the week is the game pitting the top-dog of Louisville small division against the upstart from the east end. Central is known for getting 6A talent to play in the 3A division; Waggener is following the same blueprint and winning this game could be seen as their way to send a message to kids around Jefferson County about which small school to attend. Central won't relinquish their position as the small public of choice without a fight. There's no love lost between these two after a handshake line incident after last year's game -- but the kids on each team are known for playing hard and with CLASS. Will the emotions get the best of one of the teams and cause them not to play smart? Not if the two head coaches have anything to say about it...both stressed their kids WILL play with their emotions in check and put winning ahead of any other concern.

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Waggener @Central -- Our WBKI Game-On game of the week is the game pitting the top-dog of Louisville small division against the upstart from the east end.


I highly recommend those of you in the viewing area tune into the WBKI Game On. Coach J and Gary Gupton do a great job. Gary Gupton is the lead announcer with Gupton going to Coach J for technical analysis of plays, formations, strategies and other in depth knowledge of the game.

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