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Could Mayfield hang with Trinity or Male?

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Like I've said before I think Mayfield is the pound for pound best team in the state...IMO I think size, speed and depth of a Male or T would be to much....but one thing I've learned following MF from a distance the last 20 years is you never count them out. They are as disciplined, conditioned and we'll coached as ANY team in the state..... and the VERY RARELY beat their self.... I'm just not sure at what point a teams size and depth become too much. I know one thing I'd pay good money and drive anywhere in the state to see them play Male,T,Belfry or BG but that won't happen this year....I will say as talented, exciting and stacked as 2A is this year I think the cards run the table and these seniors win their 4th straight ring.

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