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Kentucky: The Next State To Fully Legalize Weed?


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After the tremendous success of both Colorado and Washington’s moves to legalize recreational weed, Kentucky wants some piece of the action.


On Dec 11, Senator Perry B. Clark (D-Louisille) pre-filed an act that would legalize and regulate pot in a similar way to the one that Bluegrass State uses to handle alcohol. This “revolutionary” act is called the Cannabis Freedom Act and it sure as hell sounds like one.


Surprisingly (or not) one of the biggest supporters of marijuana legalization in the state is the brand new Republican governor Matt Bevins. As a matter of fact, it is believed that one of the reasons he got elected over Attorney General Jack Conway.


Within a month, we will know the real situation in Kentucky as the bill will be considered during the first 2106 Kentucky Legislative session which is set to occur on January 5, 2016.


Kentucky: The Next State To Fully Legalize Weed ? International Highlife IHL

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I found this. Bevin said he supports medicinal marijuana. Can't find anything about whether he would go the full monty.


That article also reminds me of why Conway got drubbed.


From that article:


Bevin pushed back on the suggestion that giving “a kid with terminal brain cancer” access to medical marijuana is going to make him into a junkie or pusher. But he also defended himself, insisting that he would “never, ever” support recreational use of marijuana.

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