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Paris with big win to kickoff season over Frankfort, 21-12

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This was a game that was competitive all away around, where it did appear the better of the two teams won. The things that both things shared was their poor tackling all night lobe. I do not think it was from lack of effort, but dag it was there for some reason.


The game started out with a bang when, Mathew Smith fielded the opening kickoff at the six and streaked up field, not stopping until he had hit pay dirt. The two point try failed.

6-0 Frankfort 11:46.


Paris got lucky when Brian Cruz recovered a Kobe Garrard fumble, with 10:59 left in the quarter. Garrard is the starting quarterback for Paris.


Just :15 later Paris fumbles again and this time the Panthers pounced on it.


The Paris defense shut down, what was told to be a fine Panthers offense and then they started to move the ball.


First it was a 15-yard run by Garrard, with 9;04 left. Making the tackle on the play was Devonte Faulkner.


Then with 8:25 left Garrard picked up a first down and would have gone for much more, if not for a nice play by #14 not on my roster.


Pass interference on #3 Matthew Smith of Frankfort kept the Paris drive alive with 7:11 left in the first.


Paris would end the 11-play,67-yard drive, with a Garrard one-yard score.The point after gave Paris a,7-6 lead.


The Paris defense would get two nice plays to help shutdown the Panthers offense on its next drive. The first play came with 4:13 left, when Jekobi Wells help the dangerous Anthony Robinson to a three-yard gain. The other play took place with 2:48 left. Robinson was sacked by Jacquez Dumphord for a 16-yard loss.


:44 later the Greyhounds got a 13-yard touchdown pass from Garrard to very slick catching James Clark. Chad Fryman did the holding and Jonah Atwood hit the point after kick . Paris 14-6.


The last 1:32 of the quarter would see to nice big plays.

The first was a big break for the Panthers, when roughing the punter was called on Paris giving the Panthers a much needed first down. The other play was a big one for Paris. Demond Dorsey stopped Newton for a 3-yard loss.


Frankfort would again start the quarter with a bang , when Newton hit Malik Frank on a 74-yard strike. It looked like Frank dropped the ball on purpose right before he was in the end zone, but he quickly scooped the ball back up and the ref signal touchdown. 14-12 Paris 10:55 2nd.


Paris would have had another score but the pass by Garrard caused Chad Fryman to make an adjustment to catch it and this held the play to a big 26-yard gain.


Anthony Robinson would lay the hit of the game, when he plastered a would be receiver on a screen play causing the ball to hit the turf. 8:09 left in the half.


Robinson would stop Clark for a three-yard loss with 6:44 left.


The Paris defense would repay Robinson,when Clark threw the talented player down for a three-yard loss, with 4:06 showing on the clock.


Frank would make a catch and then use a gigantic block by Newton to pick up a big chunk of yards, with 3:13 left.


Newton would get sacked by Wan Dumphord with 2:47 left, bring up a third and twelve. Two plays later Frankfort would be forced to punt.


With :29 left in the half Paris put the ball on the turf and getting it for the Panthers was #3 4 not on the roster.


Then with 11.7 seconds left in the half Paris got a pick from Dumphord on a very ugly pass.

The half ended with a Garrard pass being picked by Newton.


There was no scoring in the third but there were some notable plays.

Newton looked to have picked of a Garrard pass for Frankfort, but he was ruled out of bounds, with 9:35 left.


Paris almost got a Calvin Johnson like catch by Jekobi Wells, who leaped high onto the air only to have the pass go off his finger tips 9:09 left.


Tyler Baldwin a lineman for Paris got to Newton for a loss, with 8:23 left.


Paris would get a pick with 1:34 left in the defensive third quarter when,Dorsey picked Newton, who once again threw an ugly pass.


Paris would ice the game on a 14-play 73-yard drive with, Clark leaping high into the air to catch a 17-yard touchdown Garrard throw. The point after by Atwood made the score,21-12. made the score,21-12.
















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#3 Mathew Smith ran the 94 yd kick off return. Other than that pretty good write up about the game. If no one else knows, Montgomery Co. lent Frankfort their jersey's for the game. Was wondering why my son had # 54 on....lol.
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