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With both the NKY Coaches' and NKY Enquirer ALL-STARS out now

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Here are my best players at each position for the 2014 season:




QB- Beau Hoge (HHS) / Drew Moore (Dixie), each one was better at passing and running.


RB- Colin England (Ryle)- Was hurt a few games, but when he was on, he was the best RB in NKY


RB- Dillon Powell- Just a junior, think both England and Powell will have huge senior years.


TE- Andrew Hedger (Dixie)- Not a lot of TE that had great years, but did a great job blocking for Dixie's running game this season


T- Sam Murrer (CovCath)- I thought he was the best Off. Tackle hands down, is going to Miami, Oh, congrats


T- Brandon Johnson (Dixie)- Played both ways, and was also the best DT in NKY, IMO


G- David Sandlin (SK)- Just a Junior, thought he was the best guard in NKY this year


G- Logan Ross (Ryle)- Played guard, tackle, and center, very versatile.


C- Drew Brennan (Dixie)- A key part of Dixie's running game, very steady.


WR- Alex Veneman (HHS)- Huge year, set a HHS record for receptions, and yardage.


WR- Logan Winkler (SK)- I thought he was the best WR in NKY, even though he didn't get the ball thrown his way as much this season, is a play maker.


Taking three more players at any position on offense it would be T-Christian Olemsted (SK) and RB-Luke Zajac (Dixie) RB-Torey Cordell (Cooper)




DE- Colson Machlitt- (Dixie)- Played both ways for Dixie, and lead NKY in sacks, and tackles for loss, was the best DE in NKY.


DE- Brendon Combs- (Beechwood)- Had a very solid year, is a very good baseball player as well.


DT- Maleek Lawrence- Just a junior, he played both ways, and was NCC best lineman, on both sides of the ball.


DT- Brandon Johnson- (Dixie)- Hands down the best DL in NKY, and is also the reigning state wrestling champion.


ILB- Ryan Woolf (Ryle)- Lead all of NKY in tackles, and also spelled England at running back, very good football player.

ILB- Ben Owens (Dixie)- Lead Dixie's Def. in tackles, and his Def. averaged giving up only 17 a game, with 2 shutouts.

OLB- Barry Deaton(SK)- Most teams ran away from him, that is why his tackle total was down, an outstanding LB.

OLD- Cam Pitzer (Cov Cath)- Lead Cov Cath in tackles, with 95, had a very solid season.

C- Ethan Harrison (Dixie)- Shutdown corner, always got every teams best WR, was also named Dixie's MVP in the state game.

C- Isaiah Ebarb (Connor)- A junior, second on team in tackles, with 2 KR for TD's.


SS-Luke Zajac (Dixie)- A complete football player, played both ways, and was just as good at running back. I think he might have been Dixie's MVP for the season.

FS- Joe Studer (Beechwood)- Played both ways for Beechwood, might have been Beechwood's MVP this season as well.

K/P- Jared Dougherty (HHS)- Might be a top 5 kicker in the county, as a junior, hands down the best kicker in NKY. no offence to Lloyd/Cooper.


Taking three more players at any position on Defense it would be LB- Brett Slusher (Beechwood) DL Marcus Watson ( Cooper) Brendon Johnson (Newport) Both very good players.

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Only 3 kids from Highlands and they were the lone state champ. A few too many Kenton County kids if you ask me. Bo Hebel is for sure one of the top OL in NKY and Tyler Robinson fits into the top DL in NKY. I would also make an argument for Andrew Abner and Brady Murray as DB and LB respectively.


He we go another Highlands thread.

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Highlands fans will find out soon enough!


Find out what? You can change your name and sing the same tune year after year, but all I know is Highlands won another title and SK went home early AGAIN. The kids I mentioned are legit, whereas you want to put everyone that wore an SK jersey on a team of some sort. I am not going to bag on the kids because of what someone that has no clue continues to spew on these airwaves.

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Hollifield from Cooper is only a Sophomore and has the chance to be the best kicker in the area by the time he is a senior. To already be receiving the accolades as a Soph is quite an honor. Not very often a team in high school can get around the 20-30 and have almost a guaranteed 3 points. Hollifield brings that to Cooper which adds another weapon on offense!

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Andrew Abner of Highlands can't be left off any list. Arguably the best Safety in NKY if not the Tri State. Yes he is my Nephew and I'm a little(Lot) biased but asked the Blueboys who their Vote would be? The Cowboy roamed the Highlands D-Backfield for 3 years with some jaw dropping hits for his size. Didn't someone say that it is almost impossible to do at Highlands. Play significant time as a Soph! When the Cowboy was a Soph he filled in for an Injured Sr and when the Sr got healthy they couldn't get the Cowboy off the field. The Cowboy's nose for the ball and field swagger will be dearly missed. I could see Crosley New(Frosh) being another Safety like my nephew. Won't back down from no one and just has a Nose for the Football. Keep an eye out for Crosley the next couple of years. Crosley is someone that you either Love him or "Hate" him. Fortunately for us, he will be on our team.

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