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Ohio teens videotape themselves after raping a 16 yr old


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They took pics of her too, supposibly it was her ex who took the pics. In the pic her top was off (she is under 18 so those are some type of child porn charges there) and being carried by two guys, the pic was blurred of course to be showed on media sites. I saw where a coach of the football team was blaming her, as well as a coach telling people who were posting the names of his players "they will get theirs, and if not someone close to them would get theirs". Anom has gone nuts over this, not saying I disagree, but they are posting all information on all involved.


SpinDoc, I am not sure, but I can't imagine being in his shoes right now.

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If those statements can be tied to a coach he needs to be fired immediately. I know that when something like this happens the punishment never seems to be as severe as the crime. These punks raped and sodomized this girl, maybe they need to be put in a cell with someone that will do the same to them.

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