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Defense - Wide Tackle Six

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GREAT defense. Tough to teach correctly. Need stud/intense/tough/coach-able/non-trap-able two techniques and extremely athletic OLBs. Allows ILBs to be runners and hitters instead of pluggers and fitters. Ask Beamer/Foster at V-tech. IMO

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Prefer to cover the C myself as the snap is even more dangerous and important in the spread and everything starts there. Still a GREAT defense vs. spread stuff. DT/DE/5 techs must be able to contain the QB and run game so maybe a little more athletic personnel against the spread than against downhill run teams.

cover 3: OLBs cover up #2 Receivers forcing long throws to #1 receivers even when screening.

Cover 2: You have an extra defender anywhere you want (like in the box as a spy)if you line your Safeties up at 7-8 yds on #2 receivers.

Cover 4: You have even more flexibility with the extra defender. Blitz him even, Snagglepuss.

Man free: Same as cover 3 just man it instead of zone it.

Man: Your extra blitzer can come from anywhere...Now THAT'S FUN!!!

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Wide tackle Six is a good Pee Wee defense but at the high school level it would quickly be converted to a wide 4-4 with the OLB starting at the LOS and quickly dropping back. If they don't adjust and your a spread passing attack it would make for a long quiet bus ride home for the defense.

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