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Highlands Freshman Football 2012

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This team should be very interesting in 2012. They are as talented as any I have seen at the skilled positions. They have five backs that could run or receive for any team in NKY (Ochoa, Daughtery, Johnson, Kendal, Zigler). They all run hard, are fast, and can catch the ball.


Hergott at QB is a real strength. 6'2", throws 55 yards on a frozen rope, has touch, and can run. Maybe another Towles down the road.


The defense will be quick to the ball with all this speed. They have a few linebackers that get to the ball and are tough (Backsheider and Bradford).


The O-line has Hebel back again after playing last year as an eighth grader. Bradford is tough and strong. Richardson is very strong. They have many other good linemen to go for the rest of the spots.


If they can avoid the injury bug and get by Trinity without injury, they should be right in the hunt for another freshman title.


Good luck freshman birds!

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He has a very strong arm..Austin has the potential to be extremely good..


I'll take your word for that and hope the kid has success.


How many pros throw a 55-yd frozen rope? Dalton doesn't.

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Agree that frozen rope may be a little strong of a word to use here. Kid does have good size for a frosh and only time will tell how good he can become. Remember that Pat Towles did not see much time at QB as a frosh and we know how he turned out. Sometimes a kid needs to grow into his body in order to reach his full potential.

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