The Killing

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    An 8-10 episode season like Thrones and Breaking Bad would tighten up the season and make this series a keeper in my opinion, didn't watch 1 episode this season after they didn't reveal the killer last season(are you kidding me??) I like the setting and the way they film this series, they could really make this show X-Files creepy if they wanted to go in that direction.

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    Just came across this story that's a little over a month old. Third season for this show has been ordered & it begins production today according to this article. Looks like Linden & Holder are back, but none of the other major characters from seasons 1 & 2. This could be good news, because the show was quality before they made the idiotic decision to drag one murder case into a second season.

    I'll probably give the first episode or two a shot at the least.

    Breaking News - AMC and Fox Television Studios Partner on "The Killing" Season Three |