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Found 131 results

  1. I don't really remember seeing it for the first time (the movie came out when I was 3) but my Dad took my two older brothers and me to see Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in theaters when it came out. Dad's always said I was sitting on his lap through the movie and during the part where the cult priest reaches into the guy's chest and pulls out his beating heart, Dad could feel my heart start racing so fast that he thought I was going to stroke out and die right there in the theater. That scene never bothered me too much as I got later into childhood...but some others that come to mind: -The dude in The Dark Crystal who could pop his eyeball out and look around with it. -The scene in Return To Oz when Dorothy grabs the powder of life and wakes up all of the heads in the hall of heads. -The Childcatcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. -Some odds and ends scenes from Dune. That was one of the movies my oldest brother Jake liked to watch a lot. -When I was 8 or 9 my oldest brother's buddy brought over a VHS of this crappy 80s horror movie called Ghost Town...I don't remember a lot about it, but I do remember having nightmares about it literally months later. -Not a movie, but the music video for "Thriller" was kind of like a trainwreck...I was like 4 years old when it came out, and it scared me, but I couldn't look away. I remember watching it over at my aunt & uncle's house, because they actually had cable and MTV. -Lol....the scene in Pee Wee's Big Adventure when Large Marge told Pee Wee about the worst accident she ever saw and her face wigs all out when she describes how the driver's body looked. :lol2: Even when I knew it was coming, I still closed my eyes.
  2. Is there some specific thing that a celebrity does or has done that makes you absolutely hate them? ...or some kind of quality about them?
  3. Have you ever owned a pair? Which one(s) have you owned? How old were you when you got your first pair? Do you still wear them?
  4. For me, it's DEFINITELY not paying attention/being "too comfortable" while walking on a roof. Lucky I didn't die that day.
  5. Here are the top 10 selling domestic beers thus far in 2017. If you had to pick just one of the beers on this list to be the only kind of beer you drink for the rest of your life, which would it be?
  6. What's your biggest, nastiest looking, or craziest scar? How'd you earn it? Do you have any injuries that should have left a bigger scar but didn't?
  7. Let's say you come across a magic genie who grants you one wish: you can have any one meal for breakfast...and money is no object, of course...it can be absolutely any meal you want, but you have to eat it for breakfast every single day for the rest of your life, and it has to be prepared the exact same way every single day. What would you pick? ...or would you pass on your wish?
  8. Probably won't quite be every day...so this will probably end somewhere between question of the day and question of the week. Question of the "dweek"? Question of the "way"? ...whatever. I figured this would make for some interesting conversation when things start getting slow-ish during the spring and summer months. So today's question: What's your favorite poor person meal? What do you eat when the pantry is bare and funds aren't so high? Do you have a different favorite poor person meal for when it's just you than you do when you're feeding others?
  9. For the sake of discussion, we'll exclude documentaries, miniseries and science-fiction/fantasy from the discussion. What are your favorites?
  10. Which team would win a tournament between these 8 teams? Why? How would you seed the tournament? Ampipe Bulldogs (All The Right Moves) Dillon Panthers (Friday Night Lights) Kilpatrick Mustangs (Gridiron Gang) McKinley Titans (Glee) St. Matthews Prep (School Ties) T. C. Williams Titans (Remember The Titans) West Canaan Coyotes (Varsity Blues) Wingate Christian (The Blind Side)
  11. Is there a certain restaurant that makes the best hotdog? Or a certain hotdog style? What do you put on the perfect hotdog?
  12. Let's say you could win one major individual sporting championship event, not a team event, and it was to be your only win in that sport...what would you choose and why? Not looking for the one with the biggest prize money, but the one you would like to be known of as a champion the rest of your life. Examples... Masters, Wimbledon, BASS Master's Classic, World Series of Poker Main Event, Daytona, Indy, KY Derby, Tour de France, 100 meters in the Olympics or any of a thousand other titles you could win.
  13. I was driving back to my office from a jobsite with a coworker this morning (I was driving) and there was a car sitting the parking lot of an apartment complex with flames licking out from under the hood - and no one in the car, or anywhere outside or near the car. I told my coworker he should call 911, and after he finished doing so, he said that that was the first time he'd ever called 911. I'd guess his age at early-30s. Got me to thinking here how many times I've called 911 in the past. I'd guess that it ends up being maybe once every couple of years that I'll call...maybe once a year, maybe. More often than not its for something totally random like that, or a bad wreck that I've witnessed. I can only think of twice where I called for medical emergencies. Probably no more than a dozen times total in my life, if I had to guess. How about you? How many times would you guess you've ever called 911? Or how often, would you say?
  14. ...what would it be a tattoo of? It can have anything to do with any (or all?) of the jobs you've held in your life. Also, where would it go?
  15. You are attending a game in person, what are you wearing? For the sake of clarity let’s say it’s a perfect 75 degree day.
  16. ....have mascots that don't end in the letter 's'? You're on your honor not to look online, here!
  17. ...to just ONE unsolved mystery. Which unsolved mystery do you choose to have the answer to, and why?
  18. Just for fun, here. Let's see if we can come up with a first team and second team for all-time best players, by position. OFFENSE (12) Quarterback Running Back Running Back Offensive Line Offensive Line Offensive Line Offensive Line Offensive Line Tight End Wide Receiver Wide Receiver Kicker/Punter DEFENSE (12) Defensive Line Defensive Line Defensive Line Defensive Line Linebacker Linebacker Linebacker Linebacker Defensive Back Defensive Back Defensive Back Defensive Back ATHLETES (10) Athlete Athlete Athlete Athlete Athlete Athlete Athlete Athlete Athlete Athlete
  19. My list... Beechwood (Edgar McNabb Stadium) Bellevue (Leo F. Gilligan Stadium) Boone County (Owen Hauck Stadium/Irv Goode Field) Campbell County (Bob Miller Stadium) Collins Conner (Fred Nevel Stadium) Covington Catholic (Dennis Griffin Stadium/Wooten Field) Dixie Heights (Rice Mountjoy Stadium) Highlands (David Cecil Memorial Stadium) Holmes (Tom Ellis Field) Lexington Catholic Ludlow (James Rigney Memorial Stadium) Male Manual (DuPont Manual Memorial Stadium) Moeller, OH (Galbreath Field) Newport Ryle (Clifford R. Borland, Sr. Stadium) Scott Shelby County Simon Kenton (Chlorine Menefee Stadium) South Oldham University of Cincinnati (Nippert Stadium) University of Kentucky (Kroger Field) University of Louisville (Old Cardinal Stadium) University of Louisville (Papa John's Cardinal Stadium) Waggener
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