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Found 131 results

  1. Just for fun, here. Let's see if we can come up with a first team and second team for all-time best players, by position. OFFENSE (12) Quarterback Running Back Running Back Offensive Line Offensive Line Offensive Line Offensive Line Offensive Line Tight End Wide Receiver Wide Receiver Kicker/Punter DEFENSE (12) Defensive Line Defensive Line Defensive Line Defensive Line Linebacker Linebacker Linebacker Linebacker Defensive Back Defensive Back Defensive Back Defensive Back ATHLETES (10) Athlete Athlete Athlete Athlete Athlete Athlete Athlete Athlete Athlete Athlete
  2. There are a few for me. I grew up in Ft. Mitchell, and I'm on record here saying that I cheer for Beechwood basically any time they're not playing Cov Cath. I tend to cheer for the smaller schools from NKY as well...Ludlow and New Cath in particular. I'd say Boone County is another NKY program I cheer for. Outside of NKY...Ashland, Somerset, Manual and LaRue County are the teams I like to root for the most. I also like to follow the action when a Kentucky school plays an out of state program, and I always, ALWAYS root for the Kentucky team to win.
  3. I saw some of the foot ball helmet design threads from last season pop back up, so I figured I'd use them to get some discussion going about which helmets are the best designed helmets and best designed logos in the state. I figure we can track things for a few categories: 1) Best helmet design. 2) Best football helmet logo. 3) Best school logo (includes school logos not used on football helmets). Here are the previews from last season. Since they're a year old, they may not be 100% up-to-date: Kentucky High School Football Helmets: A- thru Be- Kentucky High School Football Helmets: Bi- thru Bu- Kentucky High School Football Helmets: C- thru Cr- Kentucky High School Football Helmets: D- thru E- Kentucky High School Football Helmets: F- thru G- Kentucky High School Football Helmets: H- thru I- Kentucky High School Football Helmets: J- thru L- Kentucky High School Football Helmets: M- thru Mu- Kentucky High School Football Helmets: N- thru Ow- Kentucky High School Football Helmets: P- thru Pu- Kentucky High School Football Helmets: R- thru Som- Kentucky High School Football Helmets: Sou- thru U- Kentucky High School Football Helmets: V- thru Z-
  4. Music for me. Bourbon as well. Some folks might say beer too, but as much as I like Hopslam and Zombie Dust, and I can still drink Miller Lite and Coors Light with the best of them.
  5. I think for me it's basically all corporate jargon. "Synergy" is probably the one that makes me roll my eyes the most at current.
  6. Looking back at 2017 across all the high school sports you follow: 1) Which team impressed you the most? 2) Which team surprised you the most? 3) Which player impressed you the most? 4) Which player surprised you the most? 5) What was the best game you watched?
  7. Swimming pool for me. Glorious day when we sold that house. Never, ever, again.
  8. Hard to beat McDonald's...although I've seldom had fries from Dairy Queen that weren't cooked to the perfect amount of crispiness. Rally's are good for a change of pace every once in a while.
  9. After Vontae Davis famously quit the Buffalo Bills at halftime on Sunday, Drew Magary asked his Twitter followers about their best quitting stories and then compiled them into a Deadspin article. I'm doing the same here. So below, post your best quitting story. This should generate some laughs!
  10. A friend recently asked me this question: if you had an extra hundred dollars to spend on yourself each week, what would you buy/do with it and why?
  11. Feel free to elaborate your feelings if you'd like, or just respond to the poll. 1: Not worried at all. This has zero impact on you, your actions, and your thinking in life. 10: You're not going to school, work, church...you're only leaving home for ABSOLUTE emergencies.
  12. a) to set foot on Mars??? b) to have "intimate relations" in space( i.e., cosmic coitus)?
  13. Favorite overall Christmas song? Favorite "classic" Christmas song? Favorite "newer" Christmas song? Favorite religious Christmas song? Favorite secular Christmas song? Favorite overall Christmas album? Favorite "classic" Christmas album? Favorite "newer" Christmas album?
  14. They have to have had direct contact with you in some way - direct contact can include a one on one phone call, letter, or email, but cannot include something like a person on television, in a movie or on the radio. A stranger who did something or said something, can be good or bad, but it makes them unable for you to forget about.
  15. Can draw anywhere from the sports world, arts & entertainment, political world...whomever you would like. They just gotta be famous.
  16. I've been dealing with a SERIOUS hankering for wings in the last 3 or 4 days. I think Mrs_Wears_Blue and I will be heading out for some wings tonight (location is yet to be determined), but I've already been thinking about wings all morning, haha. What are your top spots around where you live?
  17. Todd Frazier, JJ Watt, Peyton Manning, Phil Mickelson, and Brandon Phillips are the first that come to mind for me.
  18. Have you ever had a moment where you would have been seriously injured or even killed if you had done something just a few seconds/minutes earlier or a few seconds/minutes later?
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