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  1. Few foods draw lines as much as bologna does. People either love it or hate it...what say you BGP, do you love or hate bologna?
  2. What music have you been listening to? Surely I'm not the only one who's weekly musical intake has spiked with all the additional time indoors at home.
  3. What do you decorate, what don't/wouldn't you decorate? Do you do a tree every year? Do you do lights outside? Living room/dining room/family room? Kitchen? Bathrooms? Bedrooms? Finished basement? Front porch? Front yard? Whole house exterior? Decorations on your car? Decorations on your work desk? Decorations in your personal office? Decorations at your entire workplace?
  4. My immediate family never made a thing of having a special New Years meal, but the older I get, the more people I hear talking about them. Do you do anything special for a meal on New Years? Pork & Cabbage/Pork & Sauerkraut Black-Eyed Peas & Greens Hoppin' John (Black Eyed Peas & Rice) Lentils/Lentil Soup Potlikker Soup (Ham Hocks & Greens in Broth) Fish
  5. Driven through...visited for a day...stayed over night in...whichever works. How about national capital cities?
  6. You know what I mean...the things you heard your dad say a thousand times, whether or not it was really that funny.
  7. For me, I think I would be St. Colonels_Wear_Blue, patron saint of people who pick up random trivial interests, and then learn about those things to the point of absurdity.
  8. Versailles - "ver-sales"; "ver-sī" Foyer - "foy-er"; "foy-ay" Armoire - "arm-warr"; "arm-wahh" Coupon - "koo-pon"; "kyoo-pon" Caramel - "kar-muhl"; "care-uh-mel" Data - "day-tuh"; "dat-uh" Lawyer - "law-yer"; "loy-er" Jewelry - "jew-uhl-ree"; "jool-ree" Election - "uhh-lek-shun"; "ee-lek-shun" Florida - "floor-duh"; "floor-ih-duh" February - "feb-you-air-ee"; "feb-roo-air-ee" Mayonnaise - "mann-aze"; "may-oh-naze" Miniature - "min-uh-ture"; "min-ee-uh-ture" Syrup - "surr-up"; "sear-up" Pecan - "pee-con"; "pee-cann"; "pi-con"
  9. For calls, I have the theme from NCIS New Orleans For text, I have The Star Spangled Banner
  10. My favorite one has always been a regular in my dad's rotation...he'd put the car in reverse to back out of the driveway, reach his arm behind the passenger seat's headrest and crane his neck around to look behind the car, and then as soon as he took his foot off the brake he'd say, "Ahhhh, this takes me back..."
  11. My wife spent a year doing genetic research over in Wales, so she bought a Flag of Wales for me to hang out front for St. David's Day (today), which is the official National Holiday of Wales. I've gotta say, their flag is pretty freakin' punk-rock. There aren't too many flags out there in modern-day usage with a dragon on them! Country, state, city...any other entity, for that matter? Which one looks the coolest to you?
  12. You're asked to make "the perfect deli sandwich". You have every imaginal component at your disposal...meat, cheese, veggies, condiments, breads. How do you make your perfect deli sandwich?
  13. ...which novels would you be the most interested to read by which authors? Which novels do you think would be completely lost in translation from the original author to the 'cover' author?
  14. ...."Appalachia"? Does it sound like "apple-ay-shuhh", or more like or "app-a-latch-a"? Or something else? I'm particularly interested in hearing from the folks from the more eastern portion of our fine Commonwealth.
  15. Just for fun, here. Let's see if we can come up with a first team and second team for all-time best players, by position. OFFENSE (12) Quarterback Running Back Running Back Offensive Line Offensive Line Offensive Line Offensive Line Offensive Line Tight End Wide Receiver Wide Receiver Kicker/Punter DEFENSE (12) Defensive Line Defensive Line Defensive Line Defensive Line Linebacker Linebacker Linebacker Linebacker Defensive Back Defensive Back Defensive Back Defensive Back ATHLETES (10) Athlete Athlete Athlete Athlete Athl
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