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  1. Hard to beat McDonald's...although I've seldom had fries from Dairy Queen that weren't cooked to the perfect amount of crispiness. Rally's are good for a change of pace every once in a while.
  2. ...by running continuously for 2 hours in a human-sized hamster wheel, how often would you do it?
  3. I was posting the Holmes 2020 football schedule earlier and it go me thinking about the Bulldog's win over Scott during the regular season this past year. So how about elsewhere in the state....what were the biggest upsets? Most surprising margins of victory?
  4. ...the one that you may have seen 150 times, but still can't help but stop to watch when it comes on?
  5. I recently saw a video from the late-great Anthony Bourdain pop up on my Facebook feed. It was a little short segment on his thoughts regarding a perfect burger. I think I'm pretty much in lockstep with Bourdain's thinking - don't church it up. If you make a good burger, then you don't need all of the fancy stuff stacked on it to make it stand out. So my question is, if you had to design one single "perfect burger"...like it was the only way you could have a burger prepared for the rest of your life...how would you make it? Would you or wouldn't you season the patty? Thick or thin patty?
  6. Girlfriend and I have been having this debate as the oldest runs for UK. Gf isn't traditionally a fan of the swoosh! For me, it's Nike all the way! What about you?
  7. So if you knock out his short films and amateur films, Steven Spielberg has directed 31 full-length theatrical releases to date. (There's a 32nd movie making the rounds at the 2018 film festivals right now, but I'm assuming no one on BGP has had the opportunity to screen it.) How many of Spielberg's movies have you seen? How would you rank the ones you've seen? Which is your favorite/least favorite? Which do you think is the least appreciated or most overlooked? Duel (1971) The Sugarland Express (1974) Jaws (1975) Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (1977) 19
  8. ...what would you want to ask or talk about? The basic scenario is that you are miraculously able to communicate clearly back in forth in normal conversation with one animal for one owl. It's up to you which animal and what you chat about.
  9. There are a mess of them for me. I think it's pretty likely that my friends or wife could give you a better list of the quotes I use most often. "220, 221 - whatever it takes." (Mr. Mom) "...calmer than you are." (The Big Lebowski) "Yes...have some." (Ghostbusters) "Damn! We're in a tight spot!" (O Brother Where Art Thou?) "It's always 67°, with a 40% chance of rain." (Waiting For Guffman)
  10. Interesting discussion I had the other day. Has Facebook been a good thing for America? I can't figure out how to add a poll so open discussion should be interesting.
  11. I personally don't understand who wouldn't prefer a brownie that gives you both soft gooey goodness, and chewy, crispy deliciousness. Edges/corners for me all day long.
  12. For the sake of discussion, lets say any performer - music, film, stage, or even sports. You can bring them back to life at the point in their life of your choosing. Who would it be?
  13. I might have to think on this one for a while longer, but right out of the gate, Blake Lively comes to mind for me.
  14. We have had bunches of movie quote threads over the years, favorites and what not. Just wondering if folks have any that they use on a regular basis. For me: The Sandlot, Hamilton Porter- "You're killing me Smalls" True Grit, Lucky Ned Pepper - "They will do it." Shawshank, Red - "I've been known to _________ from time to time." Instead of "locate certain things" I stick my own thing in there drink a beer, go to the beach, etc. I use those 3 all the time.
  15. I was driving back to my office from a jobsite with a coworker this morning (I was driving) and there was a car sitting the parking lot of an apartment complex with flames licking out from under the hood - and no one in the car, or anywhere outside or near the car. I told my coworker he should call 911, and after he finished doing so, he said that that was the first time he'd ever called 911. I'd guess his age at early-30s. Got me to thinking here how many times I've called 911 in the past. I'd guess that it ends up being maybe once every couple of years that I'll call...maybe once a
  16. Just for fun, here. Let's see if we can come up with a first team and second team for all-time best players, by position. OFFENSE (12) Quarterback Running Back Running Back Offensive Line Offensive Line Offensive Line Offensive Line Offensive Line Tight End Wide Receiver Wide Receiver Kicker/Punter DEFENSE (12) Defensive Line Defensive Line Defensive Line Defensive Line Linebacker Linebacker Linebacker Linebacker Defensive Back Defensive Back Defensive Back Defensive Back ATHLETES (10) Athlete Athlete Athlete Athlete Athl
  17. Just over two more months left of the "twenty-teens". So Mount Rushmore...that means you've gotta pick just four. Who are they?
  18. ....have mascots that don't end in the letter 's'? You're on your honor not to look online, here!
  19. Which team would win a tournament between these 8 teams? Why? How would you seed the tournament? Ampipe Bulldogs (All The Right Moves) Dillon Panthers (Friday Night Lights) Kilpatrick Mustangs (Gridiron Gang) McKinley Titans (Glee) St. Matthews Prep (School Ties) T. C. Williams Titans (Remember The Titans) West Canaan Coyotes (Varsity Blues) Wingate Christian (The Blind Side)
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