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  1. The Ryle/CCH game was horribly reffed. Officials of any sport need to gain control of the game from the start, beginning with the meeting with the captains, and work with them on the field. The cards and ejections should be a last resort. KHSAA did a good thing with softball/baseball a few years ago when they implemented an option for umpires to restrict players and coaches to the bench instead of going to immediate ejection thus allowing for cooler heads and avoiding the automatic suspensions. Soccer reffing has been brutal this year, my biggest observation has been the lack of hustle by ARs to get into position for offside calls and by the Head Ref to move from the mid circle to see the action in the box.

  2. So this begs the question how do St. Henry fans and players feel about this? Like the NCAA, coaches can transfer without penalty, but players have to sit out a year after transferring unless they meet certain requirements (move, KHSAA special exemptions, etc.) You pick a school hopefully based on academics, but with all the athletic transfers going on, one must begin to wonder the true motive of picking schools these days.

  3. Yes, CCH got beat by a better Dixie team TODAY. That's what makes high school sports great, everyone starts 0-0 today. You can't win every year, but I'll take my 20-30 wins a year behind solid pitching and defense.


    TOG makes a great point, lots of other successful head coaches, past and present, out of the Krumps camp. And if you start adding up who has won the Region the last 15 years, other schools like Ryle and Beechwood, play small ball and win with pitching/defense. Myerhoff may not bunt as much, but uses it as an offensive tool just as effective.


    Congrats to the CCH Seniors on a great season and career.

  4. Congratulations to Beechwood on the win. I still believe the Panda's will be a tough out in the Region depending on the draw.


    As to the ruling....according to the 2012 case book from the NFHS...Rule 3.6.16 SITUATION B: After hitting a line drive toward F5, B1 throws her bat and it strikes the catcher or umpire. The act is judged to be (a) intentional, or (b) unintentional. RULING: In (a), the offender will be ejected from the game. If B1's fair hit ball is a base hit, B1 will be replaced with a substitute runner. In (b), the umpire will warn the team for a carelessly thrown bat, and if the act is repeated, any subsequent offenders on that team will be restricted to the bench/dugout for the duration of the game (3-6-3).


    Crazy what blue has to know and then rule on. From reading this I gather he restricted her to the bench, and did not eject her. I hope that is the case as she is a talented hitter, and ND will need her.


    Looks like Beechwood got practicing in and finally hit the ball. I maintain if these teams play 10 times, ND wins 9 of them, but hey, that is why you play.


    Congrats again to the 35th district champion Beechwood Tigers.


    So in this case, her ball was a single, should they have not restricted her to the bench and then allowed for a pinch runner? That would certainly have added some interest into the final inning with a lead runner aboard.


    Congrats to Beechwood for their perseverance and championship.

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