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  1. 2 hours ago, Jack of all Trades said:

    Is the dad a coach at Beechwood?

    I think I heard that. Which wasn’t his dad a coach down in Florida too? With so many people not wanting to coach anymore. Doesn’t sound like bad business to also add a coach who has experience coaching either. 

    I'm failing to see what Beechwood did or gave in to. To make sure they got him, like that post I quoted seemed to suggest. 

  2. 43 minutes ago, BirdDaddy said:

    Congrats Beechwood. I kind of knew One school would meet all of the Robinsons needs. Thought maybe it was going to be across the River. Highlands just wasn't that interested enough to go that far. Period.

    Unless I missed something. Did Beechwood go out of their way at all to change anything or add something to get him? Didn’t their school already have everything he was wanting, like the early graduation?

    So did I miss something, because this post makes it sound like Beechwood went out of their way to change things to get him? 

  3. 4 hours ago, Jumper_Dad said:

    I get that. But you can't compare the wear and tear of any high school season to that of big boy college football. The pros play more but they are being handsomely rewarded for those extra games.

    The fact that others play several games doesn't lessen the impact on college players. 

    It is what it is, they are going to play them anyway...and I'll enjoy every one of them.

    Those extra games in the playoffs are most likely going to get players more money in NIL deals. Plus these extra games for playoffs, is much better than the old system of so many players on teams having to play games in meaningless bowl games, just for their school to make money. At least players now in the playoffs are truly actually playing for something in these extra games. Not to mention prevents meaningless injuries in bowl games that mean nothing. Since most players with NFL chances will now sit out of bowl games, if their team isn’t in the playoffs. 

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  4. On 7/28/2022 at 11:48 AM, Jumper_Dad said:

    Nearly every team has a core of about 30 players that get the lions share of the playing time. Teams don't go deeper than that unless it is a blow out. 17 games for the players in the finals is a lot to ask. 

    High school teams that make it to the State Championship game play 17 games in a year if you include the two scrimmages. NFL teams play 17 regular season games. The lower level divisions in college has had playoffs and many games for years. I’m not sure why everyone has always seemed to have an issue with top level college teams playing more games though and possibly playing 17. Especially when you consider that with players now making money on NIL deals. It also probably helps those players get even more deals with big performances in the playoffs. 

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  5. On 7/27/2022 at 11:29 PM, 16thBBall Fan said:

    Former four-star recruit and Lexington native Beau Allen announced Wednesday he would transfer from Kentucky, ending his UK career after appearing in five games across two seasons. Allen, UK's No. 2 quarterback on the depth chart last season, was set to battle with Iowa transfer Deuce Hogan and former Somerset High School star Kaiya Sheron to serve as Levis's primary backup this fall. Very interesting I thought this would probably happen just thought it might be a little earlier.

    I think this shows he must have just recently found out that he wasn’t even going to be the number 2 QB this year. 

  6. 5 hours ago, nikeman49 said:

    What a joke, waited until the talent left Zags before agreeing to make a visit!!! Why didn’t Ky go there the last several years when the talent level was much, much higher?

    Gonzaga looks to be the preseason number 1 ranked team, and UK is going to go on the road to play them. Yet you say it is a joke for them to play Gonzaga now? 🤣😂

    I think we all have always wondered if we should take post of your seriously. This post should let us all know not to take your post serious, at least not when talking about anything with UK or Calipari. 

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  7. 20 hours ago, sportsfan41 said:

    I don't think we really have one.  Wheeler better keep his head on a swivel this season. 


    On 7/30/2022 at 11:57 PM, MJAlltheWay24 said:

    Whose our back up PG for Wheeler this year?  Does Cason Wallace play some Point?

    Wallace is a pg isn’t he? So if Wheeler was not in the game, then it would be Wallace. Now Wallace like Calipari has done almost every year, which is have a pg like Wallace  play more off the ball for this year since they have Wheeler. 

  8. 3 hours ago, Tkinslow said:

    It seems like a lot of people are trying to put Highlands in there place. Look I agree that these 7 on 7s don’t necessarily mean that a team is going to be good or bad however beating all those teams has to be a better sign than not beating all those teams. I think if it was any of the teams we cheer for we would be happy. So let’s congratulate Highlands and get ready for the season.

    No doubt it was impressive winning 7 on 7 against such a big field. This years Highlands team may be the most talented team they have had since probably 2014 IMO. I know fans kept trying to deny it, but part of their drop off was because their talent wasn’t as top notch as it use to be. During their dominate days, they were the most talented team on the field 99% of the time. Over the last 6 to 7 years that hasn’t been the case.  They have now stacked multiple very talented classes together, and a whole lot of speed, and IMO probably the most talent they have had on a team together since 2014. They are going to be good and fans should be excited. 

    The only thing that probably got people to say something and why I commented. Was the initial post talking about how those seniors deserve it more than any other seniors in KY and all that. Thats awesome that they are putting in work and seeing some positive results. Let’s not just act like they are more deserving than others though. Winning this 7 on 7 was a positive thing, and they definitely should be excited about it, especially doing it with a freshman QB. 

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  9. I’m not as down on Baker as others. People forget he joined a team that won 1 game in two years before he got there. He gets there and does great his rookie year and even sets a record at the time for rookie QB touchdowns. That was when they still were having the offense built more to his skill set and in the spread. Second year with Kitchens as the head coach was obviously a mess. 

    Then his third year and third OC and HC in three years he gets Stefanski. Who has him under center more often and is more run first. Which doesn’t necessarily fit the skill set of an offense Baker needs. Yet even then he helped them make the playoffs and win a game. Then last year playing hurt all year. 


    I think Baker is better than some give him credit for. With that said he just went to a team that also has a head coach that wants to be run first, and why they Joe Brady as OC last year because the head coach wanted to run it more.


  10. 2 hours ago, BirdDaddy said:

    This was sent to me from a Friend. Not quite sure there is a Sr Class in Ky that deserves this more than these Guys. Yes it’s only a 7 on 7 but it is still them against everyone else. Yesterday was just a small piece of the Puzzle for Coach Sphire’s resurrection. This group along with a very strong supporting cast will definitely make some noise this year.


    Great job winning the 7 on 7 against such a big field. But let’s not get carried away and act like this senior class is somehow more deserving of things than other senior classes in the whole state of Kentucky. They are putting in the work, and that’s awesome. However, the same can be said about many schools and the work they are putting in. Which it is also the same for every school and it is them against everyone. That’s not exclusive to Highlands lol. 

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  11. 15 minutes ago, 859sports said:

    Although I do agree with the sentiment of what you said. I can't recall a time Ryle lost in first round of playoffs. While the losses weren't always to the biggest names in the state, and expectations some of those years believe they might not have gone as far as hoped or believe they could... This is Ryle's last game over that span... Still to some pretty big names


    16... Scott Co
    17... Butler
    18... Tates Creek
    19... Dixie
    20... Dixie
    21... Trinity

    Everything you just said is what I am talking about. You probably would have never thought they lost in the 1st round in the playoffs 4 years in a row, because of how much hype and talk they seem to get on here every year. However, they did indeed lose in the first round four of the last five seasons. Which is why the other guy mentioned how Ryle gets overhyped each year and then underachieves. That 2017 lost to Butler was in the first round. The 2018 lost to Tates Creek was in the first round. The 2019 and 2020 losses to Dixie was in the first round. Ryle until last year had lost in the first round four straight seasons. Then last year they changed that though and went on a nice run and it did take a top team like Trinity to end that run in the third round. However, until last year they had definitely underachieved in regards to how much hype and talk they usually get from people. 

    I look for this year to be a fun battle with Ryle and SK in that district. With one of those two teams making a nice little run in the playoffs. Which right now I definitely give Ryle the edge. 

  12. 3 hours ago, 859sports said:

    It's a bold statement to claim under achieving hype about Ryle. Not disputing BW has talent, but when they are playing Newport and NC when Ryle is playing X and Trinity. I see many people viewing Ryle as to 1,2, or 3 in NKY. They will be very good and tough matchup for anyone, considering bringing back starting QB, RB, top WR, and two OL, as well as entire secondary. This team will be senior driven with some very good under classmen. 

    I don’t think it’s really bold for someone to say Ryle has underachieved or been overhyped overall the last 5 years. At least in regards to most of the hype they seem to get in the pre season every year. In the last 5 years Ryle has been talked up a lot it seems, but until last season they had lost in the 1st round of the playoffs four straight years before going on a nice run last year. In those 4 straight first round losses it wasn’t the top teams like Trinity, Male, etc. knocking them out either. I would think many at Ryle probably would even say they underachieved many of those years. 

    So I would say it is fair for someone to say they may have been overhyped the majority of the time the last 5 years, but that did change last year. So they deserve the high praise they have going in to this year. As I believe they should be really good again this year, and have a very good senior class and a very good QB. 

  13. 5 hours ago, rjs4470 said:

    Basically 5 days helmets only, and 3 days of shells prior to the first day of contact which is August 1st. In other words, you need 8 days of practice before you can have contact. You could conceivable start practice in early to mid August and still be able to play in the first game.

    Then three more days of full contact practice before you are allowed to play in a game against another team I believe. Which would put it at 11 practices a player would need before a player can play a game. 

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  14. On 7/5/2022 at 9:39 PM, bjaynes said:

    All I am saying is kids that are making these high profile transfers are already on the radar. It would be nice for a few them to stick around and help build a program around them. Lakota West had to start somewhere. So did Colerain and many others. If NKY kids saw it this way then maybe eventually we would be more competitive with our neighbors across the river. 

    That is the same thing many schools in NKY say in regards to when they lose talented kids to Beechwood, Covcath, and Highlands in years past . If these schools don’t lose some of their better players to schools like that, then they have a better chance to compete and grow the program too like those 3 historical top NKY programs. 

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  15. 29 minutes ago, Jack of all Trades said:

    If you are any kind of player or coach it should make you mad and want to prove people wrong.  Nothing wrong with playing the disrespect card.

    It’s not disrespect. It’s just more common sense at this point, until Highlands proves otherwise. So far since this district of teams have been together, Highlands has been either the 3rd or 4th seed in the district for playoffs. Even as players and coaches, they probably even know they deserve that ranking for now at least until they prove otherwise. 

    For the record I do think Highlands should be a really good team this year and will be a fun battle for all teams involved in that district. 

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  16. 8 hours ago, FrankNicodemus said:

    Well this just got pinned on the billboard of Simon Kenton and Highlands locker rooms.


    Why would this ranking be billboard material? Was this a put down of Highlands in anyway? Haven’t they been the third of fourth seed in the playoffs in that district the last two or three years? So it’s not like they went from a first place team last year, now all of a sudden people are ranking them third in the district.  Doesn’t seem to offensive have them ranked third in the district for now until they prove otherwise. Same with SK. 

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  17. On 6/18/2022 at 2:27 PM, Voice of Reason said:

    After a quick review, here are thoughts:

    1. The new bylaw covers transfers in all grades, not just high school.

    2. Under the new bylaw, if a student changes enrollment from one public school district to another, they either move to the new district or they sit one year - no exceptions.

    3. There are some situations where the new bylaw does not apply. In those situation the KHSAA will continue to apply Bylaw 6.

    4. A student living in a county with multiple schools districts will not be forced to sit one year by the new bylaw if they transfer to another school in the same district. Bylaw 6 will be applied. 

    5. The new bylaw does not apply to public to private transfers. Bylaw 6 will be applied. 

    Summary - The new bylaw tightens things up considerably on transfers from one public school district to another. If you do not actually move and live in the new district, you sit one year no matter what grade you are in with no exceptions. For transfers that are not from one public school district to another public school district, Bylaw 6 will be applied by the KHSAA.

    For point number 5 that you stated that the new  bylaw does not apply to public to private transfers.


    Unless I misunderstood the info @theguru shared. Isn’t that only true if a person switches to from a public school in the same county as the private school? In the example they gave it showed them transferring from one Fayette county school to a private school also in Fayette county. 

    So wouldn’t the new bylaw be in effect say if a person lives in boone county and attends a boone county school, and then transfers to Covcath while still living in Boone County? Or did I misunderstand it, and the new bylaw still wouldn’t matter no matter where they live as long as they are switching from a public to a private school. 

  18. On 6/14/2022 at 9:18 PM, Bluegrasscard said:

    Superbowl rings a factor?

    1. Brady (7)

    2. Montana (4)

    3. Bradshaw (4)

    4. Troy Aiken (3)

    5. Payton Manning (2, 2 different teams)






    Don’t forget to add that Brady just like Manning won a Super Bowl with two different teams too. 

  19. 15 minutes ago, nikeman49 said:

    Reeves, Fredrick, Livingston, Wallace, doesn’t make any difference who it is when you shoot 41% from 3pt range.

    Well Reeves I believe was a 20 ppg scorer. Fredrick shoots even better than 41%. Wallace and Livingston are two are your top recruits. So if you play him over those two, then people probably like you also complain about Cal when one or both of them transfer because of not playing them much. 

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  20. 2 minutes ago, MJAlltheWay24 said:

    I'd love to see his potential completely shine this year.  I sure hope you're right!

    I think we see him just completely take off this year. Similar to how his brother came out of no where to become one of the best. 

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  21. On 6/6/2022 at 9:31 PM, MJAlltheWay24 said:

    Announces he's transferring to Washington.

    Best of luck.

    Isn’t Washington’s coach from the Jim Boehein coaching tree and they play basically 2/3 zone defense all game? So that should help hide some of Brooks defensive issues and allow him to focus on the offensive side of things for his senior year. 

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