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  1. 2 minutes ago, theguru said:

    To answer your question because Highlands made Coach Sphire an offer he couldn't refuse.

    I am ready for football too but BGP is an open forum so if members want to talk about camp in this thread that is okay too.

    Frank posted "The Practice" video above, I think I like "The Playoff" video better in this case.  In other words, we are talking about 2022 Highlands in this thread and some people are talking about camp.


    Yes it's a great Camp. Some of the best Coaches there is will be working that Camp. I will be there. I hope we get 200 kids to sign up. The more Kids that are signed up the better Highlands Football will be.


    Go Birds!

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  2. 20 hours ago, theguru said:

    It kind of boggles my mind that Highlands would be having an issue with a camp and to a lesser extent that the dirty laundry is being aired.  With that said, I am glad the powers that be got it worked out and I am ready for the season to start. 

    It's always been worked out. Why do you think Coach Sphire and his entire Family moved 900 miles North to little ole Ft Thomas. Some people have no Clue what's going on. Actually they do but choose not to accept it. And I agree with you! Time for the Season to start and play Bob Sphire Football!

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  3. 13 hours ago, Kenny Powers said:

    We usually agree on most things, However…

    Having a football camp is essential to the development/continuation  of a program. It gets kids excited and it motivates and gets kids excited to be a part of something special. It is not just “practice”. Not having a camp because it doesn’t benefit you is not putting the program first. 

    Dale Mueller started the camp over 20 years ago and literally 1000s of  kids went and found a desire to be an HHS football player. 

    Brian Weinrich got highly criticized for not doing things “traditional” to the program. I find it interesting that the current staff is not held to the same standard. 

    Have you ever considered there might be more to what you're hearing? Could he have some other things going on in his Life outside of Football/School that may be a Conflict? It's possible. Have you thought about that? His family is about to have a very busy June. Not everything you're hearing is completely true or false. Remember the ole saying?!? There is always Two sides of the story and the Truth lies somewhere in the middle. 

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  4. 21 hours ago, The Oracle said:

    Highlands is doing these senior spotlights on Twitter that I think are a pretty cool notion. One of the details about them gave me a good chuckle though. The 2021 goal for everyone is apparently to "WIN STATE!" But then, there are two things on each of the senior spotlight graphics that are typed in significantly larger text than the 2021 goal, one is the player's name, and then the other one is.......



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  5. 6 hours ago, ChiefSmoke said:

    All KHSAA rules are still in place. No transfers for athletic reasons. My understanding, the answer to your question is no. 

    So now the KHSAA is going to start enforcing the Rules?🤣 I’m joking! Or am I?😁 So basically you’re saying that Financial Hardship/Divorce Cases will again be at a all time high? 

    There’s more than One way to skin a Kitty!

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  6. 1 hour ago, theguru said:

    That is a very interesting point, for example, if Highlands says no to 5th year seniors and Newport Central Catholic says yes, will 5th year seniors be able to transfer to NCC with no strings attached?

    They're absolutely going to say yes.....Especially NCC! They need the Cash.

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