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  1. Well, one thing's for sure: with the timing of this ruling, it is clear that somebody (either the KHSAA or the Court of Appeals) really wants to nail Highlands. As for the comment about HHS winning without Mitchell, I think the guru is being way too optimistic about HHS' chances without the kid. He is the best guy on the team, and one of the very best players in the state. The team will have very little time to prepare for BC with him out of the gameplan. HHS beating BC with Mitchell is an iffy proposition. Without him, Boyle Co should be considered the favorite. One last thing: I am hearing from some that this issue is not over, and that there will be more court stuff this week. Can Mitchell even practice with the team at this time?
  2. Cov Cath may be 0-2 so far, but they played Cincy St. X as well or even better than "mighty Trinity" did. If ANY 3A TEAM (Boyle Co., HHS, Mason Co., PT, Rockcastle Co., Hoptown, I don't care who) in KY played the kind of schedule Cov Cath did, they'd get pretty banged up too. Cov Cath deserves to be high on the 3A list, because they consistently prove their playoff staying power. The exact same is true for Hoptown. They're 0-2, and yet everybody on this website (especially PT fans) knows that come playoff time they will be able to hang with any team in the field. Recently, Boyle Co. and Lex Cath moved up to 3A, just as Mason Co. has now done. Boyle Co. proved to everyone that they are a 3A power, and frankly Lex Cath has yet to fully do this. We'll all see shortly how good Mason Co. really is in 3A.
  3. It's so early in the season, which makes it hard to accurately rank the teams. But, I do think that at the end of the regular season, the two teams that will have separated themselves from the pack are Boyle Co. and Highlands. I really think that this could be the championship matchup in 2003.
  4. Man, PT must be really good this year to get on the list twice!!!
  5. The team I am most surprised with in 3A this year is Mason County. I figured they'd be good, but apparently they are the real deal. I'm a Highlands fan, and when Lex Cath came into 3A on Highlands' side of the bracket, I was concerned. But now I think that Mason Co. will pose a bigger challenge to HHS in its attempt to make it back to Louisville than LC will.
  6. I think that I'm a little skeptical of Mason Co. being ranked ahead of HHS and PT right now. Also, I think that Hoptown is probably in the top 4 or 5, despite the 0-2 start. As for me, the list is: 1. Boyle County (defending champs are no. 1 until beaten) 2. Paducah Tilghman 3. Highlands 4. Hopkinsville 5. Mason County 6. Covington Catholic 7. Bell County 8. Lexington Catholic 9. Oldham County 10. Rockcastle County The 3A teams that I think have a REALISTIC chance of winning the title this year are BC, PT, HHS, and Hoptown. Frankly, I can't really see the others going through the entire playoffs without being tripped up at some point.
  7. To answer your question Birdsfan, I graduated from HHS in 1995. I really wasn't that big of a football fan while I was there; some of my friends were on the team and I went to the games mainly for fun and to support them. But since then I have become a HHS football nut! I don't know why... just started taking a lot of pride in them. My senior year was the first year Justin Frisk was at HHS (from CCH). The Birds weren't too great that year. They got hammered by Moeller early on, and were trampled by CCH at HHS during the regular season. I just remember that in the playoffs, the Birds were down by just a few points to CCH late in the game, and had the ball first-and-goal, like on the one-yard line. I think they kept handing the ball off to Frisk, and CCH kept stuffing him, and CCH won and went on to win 3A (I think). Uggg!!!!
  8. I joined this BB less than a week ago, but I have been reading posts from this site since the middle of last football season (I saw something about BGP from a newspaper article). I only follow the HS football forum, so I can't comment on the others. But I think that it's a really great BB for anyone interested in KY football. I'm impressed with the level of civility; some of the football nuts I know don't show other teams' fans much respect for some idiotic reason. I'm a crazy Highlands football fan, as I'm sure you all will see later this year. I've been out of Ft. Thomas and living in Lexington for eight years now, attending college and med school here. Needless to say, there aren't too many fellow HS football fanatics running around Chandler Medical Center, so I will enjoy conversing with you guys on this BB this year (and am enjoying it now while on summer break). So, thanks to all of you, especially the guru, for running such a great BB. Also, I have a question for the guru. When did you start BGP, and why did you decide to create it? Finally, I noticed that you give away BGP "scholarships" for people to be members free of charge. I think that's really classy! Keep up the good work all, and I look forward to contributing! jbwill2
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