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  1. My intent in asking the original question was to gain insight into why a top tier prep basketball player would select Duke over UK. Right now Cal is known as THE guy that can prepare you for making it to the NBA. It seems that the elite kids who have their pick of programs would want to play for Cal at UK, but clearly that is not the case, as Duke is now beating UK head to head in the recruiting battles. I am honestly wondering why these kids are picking Duke. I am not asking the question to be cute or arrogant, I am asking to gain an understanding of why these kids are not picking UK. A few of you have actually provided appropriate answers to this question, while most of you have, well...

  2. I have said this many times before....


    If I wasn't an avid UK fan, I would hate them.


    The arrogance of the original poster of this thread speaks as to why.

    What are you talking about? As I had clearly written in a previous post, I am not a big fan of basketball, and am certainly not a UK zealot. The psychiatrist in me is actually fascinated by the outrage caused by my original post. Go back and read it again. I asked a simple question... Why choose Duke over UK?


    And by the way, I am an employee of UNC Chapel Hill!

  3. Don't know if they will beat CCH or not. And if they do I think Pulaski beats them. So third or fourth round to be specific.


    How about you?

    I have no clue. My sources from the fort I used to get all of my inside scoop from have pretty much dried up.


    Question: if HHS plays PC do you foresee a close game or a romp?

  4. Randy Parker is the only one that picks on me, the rest just make evasive comments in private.


    And facts are facts. Good teams normally bring out lots of posters, and good teams gone bad have everyone hiding under their shells.

    Well, from what I have observed the amount of posting about HHS football actually took a dramatic dive last year, even though HHS won state. BGPers who were heavy into posting about HHS football in the past, people like leatherneck, henry521, sweeperboy, oldbird, and thunderbirds have backed off a great deal or disappeared completely in the past couple of years...

  5. This particular question in high school football terms would be why would a kid choose Highlands over Trinity.
    Well, Duke and UK recruit players. Are you suggesting that Trinity and Highlands are recruiting kids to come to their schools for the purposes of playing football? If they are, then I would say that it would be best to pick Trinity over Highlands, just like it would be best to pick UK over Duke.

  6. Dude, I'm as big of Highlands supporter as anyone, have been for 60 years but facts are facts. Are we playing better and cutting down on mistakes--yes. The big elephant in the room is 6 wins against teams that are 15-51 and 5 losses against teams that are 46-9. I have to put Pulaski Co. and Bowling Green in that class and round 3 against probably CovCath isn't a gimme either. I hope you are right but I learned to pick games with my head and not my heart when I dropped two weeks of lunch money on the Reds against the Yanks in the world series.
    Perhaps Highlands should just pack it in and walk away after next week's game against Dixie, regardless of the outcome. Might as well accept the inevitable and move on to basketball... I think I know at least one HHS guy on BGP who would be happy doing this (hint: he typically hangs out in the high school basketball forum).

  7. Well what I'm really saying is that I don't particularly care but the UK religious zealots are always amusing.
    But I'm not a UK basketball zealot. I don't particularly care for the sport of basketball. From my perspective, if I am a top flight prep player who wants to make it big in the NBA, I'd be picking Cal/UK every day of the week and twice on Sunday, and it surprises me that lately Cal is coming up on the short end in head to head recruiting battles against Duke. It makes me wonder if there is some other motivating factor at play, other than merely picking the program/coach that has the best track record of landing people in the pros...

  8. Plenty of folks already have. Coach K is on any short list for greatest coaches in the history of the college game, has attack record of getting loads of players in the NBA, and has been an elite recruiter for nearly his entire career.
    So, you are saying that Coach K/Duke are better than Coach Cal/UK at getting guys into the NBA at this point in time?

  9. O

    :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:


    UK has a whopping total of 3 more players in the NBA than Duke. Coach K is a legendary coach with more wins than anyone in the history of men's college basketball. Duke also has two national championships to UK's one since Calipari took over at UK. I think a better question is why would someone go to UK over Duke?


    Let's not act like Duke is Mercer or Lehigh.


    That's the best answer I can give you.


    :lol2: :lol2:

    The stat you listed about players in the NBA is misleading. The number of UK players getting drafted has skyrocketed since Calipari has been coach, compared to how it was pre-Calipari. Are you telling me that Duke has matched UK in getting players to the NBA from 2010 onwards? I find that hard to believe. How many Duke players have been selected first in the draft since 2010??? How many has UK had in that time frame???


    Also, if you are a top player how much do you really care about playing for the all time greatest coach in college, compared to getting selected high in the draft? Calipari has shown that he can get his UK players picked high in the draft... If K is such a great coach why hasn't he been able to do the same since 2010?


    I am operating under the assumption that the nation's top prep basketball players place top priority in getting into the NBA and getting paid. If this assumption is correct (and perhaps it is not), then again I ask, why choose Duke over Calipari's UK?

  10. Since Coach Calipari has come to UK he has had unmatched success in getting his players drafted into the NBA, and several of his former UK players are experiencing significant success in the pros. However, for the past 2 years Duke has bested UK in the recruiting wars, and Duke is now poised to make it 3 years in row with the nation's top recruiting class.


    With all that being said, why would a kid who is a big-time high school player and has designs on spending 1-2 years in college and jumping to the pros choose Duke (or any school) over UK at this point? I would understand it if the kid has a connection to a particular program (ie, has a family member who went there or is a fan of the team), but otherwise why would a kid who has a chance to play under Calipari at UK not sign with UK?

  11. Yes, that would be it. I was there, the 'birds got beat pretty good by Lex Cath in the semi-finals. They had Burke(?) at QB, he was really good.


    Here is a fun fact:

    For every year beginning in 2003, HHS has either won a state championship or lost to the eventual state champion in the playoffs. This spans 3 different football classes.


    The last time HHS lost a playoff game to a team did that not go on to win state was in 2002, against Rockcastle County. That year, HHS lost to RC in the state semifinal, and RC lost to Boyle County in the title game the following week.

  12. J

    Owensboro vs Fern Creek

    Highlands vs Pulaski


    Owensboro vs Pulaski


    Owensboro state champs.


    I agree with the previous poster about OHS-BG. Whoever wins that game, IMO, wins state. Don't discount Fern Creek in the semis. They have a sneaky good team this year and could pull a "Graves County" and upset BG or OHS if they overlook them.


    Also, selfishly, I'd like to see OHS-Highlands in the state title game. Highlands has denied OHS 3 state championships, and last year still has a bitter taste for most OHS folks. It'd be nice to exorcise that demon and get OHS their first football title since 1986.

    Be careful what you wish for...

  13. Same old same old. 10th game of the year and still on 3 different occasions, punt team doesn't have enough personnel on the field. Freaking joke! This is where this team is. Oh, and don't let some stats fool you folks!


    On to playoffs!


    Go Birds!

    I don't understand this post. What's up with the stats?

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