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  1. I never sleep on West. They always seem to be better than expectations. I suspect next year will be no different.
  2. That's what PP meant when he said it would have been led by. If you saw Lincoln's JV team play, you saw everyone but Young. Their JV team was good, now put a key varsity contributor with those JV kids and you have an idea what their team will be like next year.
  3. Hope to see Nick McCollum and Slade Crutchfield, two juniors at Garrard who had big years this year, in the mix for this team next season.
  4. He had 2,082 going into tonight. +14 should give him 2,096 for his career. Those numbers from the Lincoln County play-by-play man.
  5. Goosebumps. So much pride in the announcer's voice. Very happy for Williamsburg!
  6. Several across the state, but the last time a 14th Region school won four straight regional titles was Breathitt County when they won five straight from 1959-63.
  7. He is a great kid. I'm sad to see him graduate because he has been so much fun to watch over the years.
  8. Yeah, I've noticed it there. This was the first time I've seen it at a regional tournament.
  9. That's why I said athletic rival. Catholic is a rival in football. Danville and Lincoln are rivals to Boyle in everything.
  10. Lincoln is probably Boyle's biggest athletic rival outside of Danville. Lincoln/Boyle is a big money game and Lincoln is coached by former Boyle player Travis Leffew. There are lots of ties between the two schools. Those two playing each other isn't a surprise, nor should it be.
  11. And Garrard County, which went 9-3 and won their district last season, although as a district game Boyle and Garrard are required to play.
  12. And in keeping with the communism theme, somebody there better yell this out:
  13. The 12th had a program that could be scanned onto your phone. They had posters with the scan code in several places in the Lincoln County lobby.
  14. Yes. They never have a player on the floor who can't score. Obviously Conway and Taylor make them go, but Pittman, Conley, Hoover, Young, even Wilkes can all hit shots inside and outside. You have to guard everyone at all times.
  15. First regional appearance for Murray since 2001. First win in a regional tournament since 1994 when Murray beat Heath and Hickman County before falling to Graves County in the championship game.
  16. A number of years indeed. Last time Raceland won a regional tournament game was in 1966 when they topped Olive Hill 55-46, before falling in the semifinals to Russell, 64-46.
  17. First regional title since 1946. Congratulations to Williamsburg. What a great athletic season they are having!
  18. I think Harrison County hired Neil Furnish. It was on BGP a couple weeks ago. Was that official?
  19. Difference there is a water main burst is unexpected while trash pickup is typically regularly scheduled.
  20. I thought he spent a little time as an assistant at Lexington Christian.
  21. That's where the weather is/was an issue. You normally would have had a walk-through, but missing school and missing games gets you out of rhythm. A regular practice, during bad weather, likely has to take the place of a game. Kind of a Catch-22.
  22. If you can't go, tune in to WPBK-FM 102.9 tomorrow night after the game for the postgame show. Goes for an hour+ after the games. Probably will start around 9:30.
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