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  1. I like two out of the district, if your 3rd. stay home and improve next season. If your 3rd. in your district (with 4 or 5 teams) Do you really deserve to be in the playoffs? I'm sure that there are cases in the past of some teams that have finished 3rd. or worse doing good, but make the regular season count more.
  2. I have a problem with a team that has a losing record, and yet still be in the playoffs. :mad: Back in the late 70's only one team made the playoffs out of the district. 1979 We had a 9-1 record and stayed home. To me the playoffs should be earned, not automatic like in some districts.
  3. I'm sure that this is a case of a few rotten apples in the barrell, but thanks for the heads up.
  4. Bell County is the 5pt Super Game Boyle County Henry Clay Highlands Warren Central Western Bardstown Newport Catholic Somerset Fort Campbell TP - 49
  5. Not only do I think 2 out of the 4 will advance. I also think they go on and make it to Louisville. NCC and Highlands
  6. On expect a tough game Friday night in Mt. Washington. Boyle could very easily lose this game, so I don't think they will in any way over look Bullitt East. Boyle is like 11 - 0 against District 3 in 3A, and won something like 32 of the last 33 playoffs games. I don't think that this streak will end this week. I like the Rebels in a squeaker (1 point). Just Win Baby! Go Rebels! Get-R-Done!
  7. Lexington Catholic is the 5pt super game. Russell Dunbar Owensboro Catholic Beechwood Christian County Bell County Rockcastle County Somerset Newport TB - 52
  8. My prediction is that Boyle will win the game. I don't really care what the final score is as long as we move on to the 3rd. round. So Git-R-Done Rebels!
  9. I think everybody is having thoughts of last seasons game, and don't know what to expect for next weekend. There has not been to many teams go toe to toe with Boyle like last years Central team did. From what I have seen of Central they have had the talent, they just don't seem to be disciplined. If Boyle comes out and plays like they have the past couple of weeks, I see them winning by a couple of touchdowns. If they play like they did against Pulaski it could get interesting. Go Rebels! Git-R-Done!
  10. Goodluck in the playoffs Southwestern......Lets hope we meet in 3 weeks for the Region in Danville.
  11. Here is some information that I got on this subject from someone else. The delegate assemby has one representative from each school known as the Designated Representative. Each school determines that person. It can be the principal, athletic director or another person. Most often it is the athletic director. After a morning of meetings, the proposals are voted on beginning at 1:30. 2/3 vote of those who sign in at the start of the meeting is needed for passage. There are approximately 280 schools in the KHSAA. If all representatives report at the beginning of the meeting, it would take about 188 votes to pass a proposal. If only 150 representatives check in, it would only take 100 votes to pass. If half of the delegates that checked in leave early for basketball or football practice before a proposal comes up, then the proposal cannot pass even if every single one of those left votes in favor.
  12. I've pretty much stayed out of this mess, and have not been following this train wreck, but I'm glad that I didn't see my school on the list of supporters, or I hope they aren't supporting this. It would mean more to the public programs to win the championship over the privates. To be the best.....play the best. Quit your whining and just beat them. I like the way things are now, why change it. :confused:
  13. First.... Us Rebels fans are not spoiled as much as the whole state seems to think we are. Most of us realize that what Boyle has done in the past has never been done before, and most likely will not be done again. We do not have to win the championship every year to be happy. If we can compete with the best that state has in 3A football, everybody here will be just fine and content. Second.... If Boyle never wins another Championship. I can live with it, and be happy the rest of my life. I have all the memories to last me a life time from the past 6 years, that the rest of the state had to set back and watch.
  14. Now I'm not Chuck Smith, but I would think that he would make some kind of statement like that if Mitchell doesn't play. But I can't guarentee it.
  15. Believe what you want than or what you think. I'm telling you the truth. Don't be putting words in our mouths on what you think. I have no reason to lie to you.
  16. Trust me no one here in Danville is smiling about this. Givhan has even been quoted in todays newspaper as looking forward to playing against Mitchell again. We want to play the best that Highlands has.
  17. My gut feeling says that the Mitchell kid will be playing Saturday, and that this will be tied up in the court system for many many months ahead. Either way Boyle is in a no-win game if Mitchell doesn't play. If Boyle wins with out Mitchell they lose (in a lot of people's eyes), and if Boyle loses they lose and I would think they would not want the title handed to them on this court ruling. The only way for Boyle, is to just beat Highlands with Mitchell playing.
  18. The main problem I can see is that the kids from Covington Catholic and Bell County probally see that they are cheated of a trip to Louisville. The Sr's for these team will not get a chance to play at Papa John's. This was their last shot. Kind of like what happen at the Little League World Series 3 years ago with the kid from New York. This is just bad all the way around. Something should have been finalized before the season started period. I feel for all the team involved in this. (Highlands, Bell, Boyle, Covington Cath., and the rest)
  19. I'm off of Bluegrass Preps for 4 hours and this comes up over 440 pages already. I'm shocked and speechless right now. For the record, I want Mr. Mitchell to play and hope that somehow this happens. If Boyle was to win the championship, I want it to be against the best Highlands has to offer. I say let the kid play. The past 24 hours has been very shocking to me, and yet it has to be on Championship week. WOW, It's a shame on what all has took place this week. :cry:
  20. East Jessamine beat Bell County 13-6 Green County beat Middlesboro 40-14 Boyle County beat Rockcastle 21-0 Boyle County beat Prestonsburg 55-0 add Danville,West Jessamine,Harrodsburg,&Mercer Central Kentucky wouldn't need the 10 points
  21. Trinity would destroy Dunbar this year along with some other Louisville teams, and this is NOW! Looks like you made your christmas wish list out early this year.
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