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  1. On 8/6/2022 at 11:53 AM, teeroy said:

    No surprises in the top 12, all were good last year. Feel free to guess who the teams. 

    On 8/6/2022 at 1:18 PM, Rebel said:

    St X, Trinity, Male, South Warren, Boyle, Douglas, LCA, Beechwood, Ballard, Johnson Central, Cov. Cath., and Woodford is my guess.   


    On 8/6/2022 at 1:19 PM, theguru said:

    I am going to say you got 11 out of 12 but I have no clue. 🤷‍♀️

    I feel pretty good about 11/12 after Woodford making it.  Should have traded Ballard for Madison Central. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Brown said:

    According to Calpreps, CovCath, Beechwood, and Ballard won’t make his top 30.  Now they are ranked #21, #25 and #28 in Calpreps though.

    Cal Preps has these ranked the highest but so far left off TeeRoy’s list:

    1. Boyle

    2. X

    3. Trinity

    4. Male

    5. Douglass

    6. LCA

    7. S Warren

    8. Owensboro

    9. Woodford

    10, Bryan Station

    11. Johnson Central

    13. Madison Central


    These are most likely the team he still has, but maybe shifted in order.  #12 is Manual and already listed by TeeRoy.

    Bryan Station currently has already been placed at #20 on the list.  So, they will not be one of the next 12 announced. 

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  3. Just now, theguru said:

    Thanks and can we just mail the trophy out to Boyle right now?

    No way!    This team will have to work hard because there are other teams as hungry.    Boyle County I feel does have as good as chance as anybody else in 4A.  

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  4. 1 hour ago, DearToday said:

    Sage Dawson QB/DB/ATH ‘24 and Brock Driver RB/TE/LB/DE ‘25 have both been offered by EKU in consecutive days. 

    Nice!  Add Ziesmer to Kentucky and Hardwick to Army, Boyle has some players this season. Not even counting the Patterson kid with multiple offers.  Looks like a reload year and not a rebuild year.


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  5. 46 minutes ago, ATLCat said:

    Totally Unofficial Top 5 Reasons for the Transfer

    1. Haddix Relationship.

    2. Didn't want to see the same exact storyline play out as it did for Treyveon Longmire.  (Shocked this hasn't been mentioned more)

    3. Get that ring.

    4. Corbin Dysfunction.

    5. Better School District.


    Talk amongst yourselves....

    I think #2 would scare anyone with a offer that watched what happened last season and #1 , #5, and #3 would be a added bonus.  

  6. @CheifSmoke Coach Rall gave me this jersey my Sr. year in high school back in 1981.  It was also my freshman football jersey and I cherish it!  It's in rough shape and the history goes all the way back to the beginning of Boyle County High School Football.  I even seen this actual jersey on the videos I've watch this week that you found.   I wear it every time to the State Championship games that Boyle plays.    


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  7. My grandfather told me that as a kid he worked the farm where Boyle County High School currently stands.  Said that there was a pond where the football field is located.  That would explain all the past problems the school had with the field before turf was installed. 

    I remember we lost an important district football game back in 1979 to Russell County in a monsoon.  Their huge fullback Popplewell had a career night and we lost.  Coach Rall had us rolling the field with a (water filled roller) the following week after each practice.  Boyle ended up 9-1 that season and failed to go to the playoffs as only the district champion went.  Boyle County ended up CKC Champions that season.

     I think it was in 97 that a #1 rank Boyle lost to Bourbon County after beating them 33-0 in the regular season in the mud bowl.  2009 Boyle had to move a playoff game to Centre because of a bad playing field.   2010 Turf was installed.    

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  8. 7 hours ago, Tones said:

    I think top middle is my favorite. Pretty awesome collection of some pretty awesome memories I am sure.

    That’s 2017 and one of my favorites also.  2009 is my other favorite one.  (Upper left)

    L to R front row: 99,00,01,02, and 03

    back row : 09,10,17,20, and 21

    I like that they have changed it up on the last 3 rings. 22 Black, 21 Silver, and 17 (I call it Black Pearl).  The 22 in the box when opening it up and the light on is awesome.   

  9. Not only has Boyle got the boosters, school support, facilities, tradition, and talent pool but Boyle also is a top rated state school for learning.  Add a nice paying job that his wife currently has along with young kids at Woodlawn, I don't see Coach leaving for some time. 

    The only thing I could see pulling him away from Titletown would be something like a Offensive Coordinator opening at WKU.    


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