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  1. So we're on a first name basis with her are we? I don't think that I'm real comfortable about this regarding MY OLIVIA! :irked:
  2. FYI: Covington Chili has a new owner. I'm really glad to see that Covington Chili has a new owner considering that the recent one was an unfriendly idiot who didn't have a clue what he had his hands on, or how to make it work. It appears that the new guy "gets it". and will save this place from certain death, and play on the allure of its long history, all the while making the necessary updates to bring it into the modern age. Covington Chili Has a New Owner & a New Vision | The River City News
  3. Typically in late spring and early summer I start having trouble with fruit flies hitch hiking on bananas from the grocery store then breeding like crazy. I like my bananas to ripen naturally, but once this problem begins I have to settle for storing them in the refrigerator until the warm month are over. I'll take one out at a time daily so that it will be ripe and ready for me for breakfast Once the infestations gets out of control, I'll leave a clear plastic wide mouthed bottle on my counter with a banana peel or a strawberry inside, and every fruit fly in the house will think that it's party time inside of the bottle. When I wake in the morning I'll creep quietly into the kitchen and carefully place the lid on the bottle so as to not to disturb them, assuring that the entire party of flies are trapped, and then I'll discard the bottle. With this method it really only takes a day or two to rid my place of every fly in the house no matter how many. You give them what they want and they won't think twice about it, though they're not aware that they are headed for certain suffocation with no escape. Though it seems hard to believe, when I inspect the bottle there are literally a hundred or more flies inside which tells me that the problem was way worse than I had even realized, and would've gotten even worse if I hadn't tried to do something about it. Swatting at them just isn't enough and store bought fruit fly traps are worthless. The method that I use works brilliantly and quickly, and when you wake to a bottle filled with an entire colony you get the satisfaction that the genocide is in full effect.
  4. This extended version of Yazoo's "Only You" with Alison Moyet in it is the one that I should've posted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPpHLK4SHt8
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