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  1. 1 hour ago, Tigerpride94 said:

    Manual isn’t in same feeder system as Male and Butler. Male and Butler mainly get kids from traditional programs that has traditional middle schools that feed them and better players typically choose Male over Butler. Traditional program is based on lottery to get in. Manual has competitive admissions so they can select whoever they want that applies and why they have highest test scores since don’t take low performance kids. Traditional program also weeds out low performance kids but I saw JCPS changing that policy. https://www.dupontmanual.com/magnetapp.html

    Apparently laketime85 has some personal issues with Manual I just said I would like to see them get there every school deserves success sooner or later.

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  2. 51 minutes ago, laketime85 said:

    The only way Manual deserves to get there is to win the game necessary to be there. That is the beauty of this game, you earn everything you get. UP to this point Manual deserves nothing. 

    If Manual is good enough and Covid avoids them, then they too will get waxxed in the title game.

    I don’t agree about earning everything you get most schools have to take what comes through their system but not all so it’s not all about earning what you get if you believe that you are living in a dream world. I will always pull for success with the public schools.

  3. 1 hour ago, snakesnot_2000 said:

    Not really from a Mayfield perspective because they never run the score up on the very weak teams. Say its 50-0 at the half most games end up about 57-6 or so. I like seeing the younger ones get their chances, so if your 1st team can't stop the others teams 3rd team sometimes the chips have to fall and it can get ugly. As far as Owensboro running up the score on this team, to me it all depends on how it was done in my opinion if it constitutes running up the score or this team is plain pitiful.

    I agree Glasgow has been in the district with some really poor teams and I’ve seen several teams that the Scotties was up 50 at halftime and those games most of the time finish 56-0 or something similar I guess it’s feasible this game was such a mismatch that they couldn’t run a play without scoring but that’s why as I mentioned earlier shorten the quarters in the second half I’ve seen the Scotties do this on numerous occasions.

  4. 6 hours ago, MarineOne said:

    As an official at both levels...I can tell you that this is the closest answer to the proper interpretation.  The umpire should not be standing over the ball and holding up the offense in high school football unless the clock was stopped previously (maybe a timeout or penalty administration) and the Referee is just waiting for his crew to get into position...in those scenarios, though, the game clock would not be running. 

    If the previous play ended in bounds and the game clock is still running...the offense can then snap the ball as soon as the umpire is out of the way from spotting it. 

    In the original scenario listed above...the officiating crew would spot the ball as quickly as they could and get out of the way as quickly as they could.  The offense could snap the ball once the umpire is out of the way.  If the defense is still on the wrong side of the ball, it would be a foul for "Encroachment" ...also commonly known as Offside by the Defense, and the officiating crew would shut the game clock down to administer the penalty yardage.  In this exact scenario, the offensive head coach (offended team) would have the option to start the game clock when the center snaps the ball or when the Referee blows the ready for play whistle.  If the offense is out of timeouts and needing to score before the end of the half or end of the game...they would choose to start the game clock on the snap.  

    Foul - Encroachment, 5-yard penalty, game clock will start on the snap.


    Hope this helps!  

    This is the rule but in all my years of watching football I have never seen that call at any level. Now that might be for a couple reasons. 1. The defensive teams coaches have instructed their players to get across the line to avoid the penalty. 2. The refs deliberately wait for the defense to get back across. IMO it’s probably a little of both.

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