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  1. I've seen 3. One while driving back from Columbus Ohio near West Lancaster about 7 years back now. Another while driving back from Muncie Indiana near Eaton Ohio. And another while working at a natural gas regulating station near Springboro Ohio. I was so close to the one in Eaton Ohio that I could feel my F350 dually utility truck swaying. Dang near had to contemplate ditching it and going for cover - which was pretty much no where unless I wanted to hide in a corn field.
  2. Sorry NWO. That would have been on April 3, 2018 around 7 pm and probably a few miles south of the little town of New Richmond, Ohio.
  3. Post them here. Friend of mine took this picture not too far away from Zimmer Power Plant on the "not so Godly side of the river" in Ohio.
  4. Working. Then home to clean it. Hoping to have the house on the market in a couple weeks.
  5. I've seen 17 off of that list. I would rate my top 10 something like this: 1 - Saving Private Ryan 2 - Schindler's List 3 - The Last Crusade 4 - Catch Me If You Can 5 - Jaws 6 - Jurassic Park 7 - Raiders of the Lost Ark 8 - Lincoln 9 - E.T. (This would have been further up when I was younger) 10 - Bridge of Spies
  6. Of course winter can't see that it's freaking April. We're getting "Munson-ed"!!!
  7. [video=youtube;-xQQzi0IdLY] When I'm working out I love when this song comes on.
  8. Literally - every where I go I back into the space. It's required at work and I guess it has carried over to when I'm off the clock.
  9. It certainly isn't for everyone. But if you liked it, the late 80's and all of the 90's were a special time. So much talent. Couldn't even to begin to think about the songs that we missed out on due to these guys dying so young. Adam Wood, Layne Staley, Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland, Kurt Cobain.
  10. I rocked out to Mad Season last weekend. The song Wake Up sends chills down the spine
  11. Been on a huge grunge rock kick lately. Listening to some Mother Love Bone, Green River, Mad Season, Malfunkshun. And then of course your obvious ones like Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots. Missing me some Chris Cornell and Layne Staley. Their voices were incredible
  12. Eyes on the sky today. Thank you - NWO
  13. Too much of an inside presence for Michigan to take on. No second chance rebounds and Nova is getting after it. Just a matchup nightmare for Michigan
  14. Funny that this will be my first post, but I feel the need to inform you guys that Cretan's Chili is the best chili in town. Be sure to show up with cash. They don't accept credit card. I've tried nearly all mentioned but Cretan's is far away the best.
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