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  1. I've yet to see "For The Love of The Game". I've heard it's fantastic. But James Earl Jones in Field of Dreams is really hard to beat for myself.
  2. I'll agree. I do think there are parts of Michigan that are beautiful. I traveled in the Battle Creek - Kalamazoo - Grand Rapids - Holland areas extensively for work. Didn't hurt that I'm a craft beer guy but I loved those cities.
  3. Thinking about making the jump from my little Weber charcoal grill to an Oklahoma Joe's Bandera. Thoughts?
  4. NWO - The time stamp on that NAM is that Zulu time? So if it's saying 6:00Z on 5/10/2018 that really means 2:00 am EST?
  5. I will agree with this. My feelings are that this area doesn't have enough consumers of craft beer. I'd never be able to talk my dad into a place like that. He drinks Beast and only at home. I think there are many like him in this area. I enjoy craft beers but I tend to follow in my dad's footsteps. I only drink at home. I will probably stop by for a growler fill at some point. I too worry about the lack of signage. At its current location it is tucked away and many times I drive by without noticing it. I want their dream to work and will stop by on occasion. But I'll admit - my confidence is low.
  6. Radar indicated 60 mph winds gusts and penny sized hail in the Hebron / Union area. Storms are moving East Southeast
  7. Going simple today. Grilling some chicken breasts that have been in an Italian dressing marinade overnight
  8. Aside from maybe "The Sandlot" I say that this is one of the best baseball movies ever. I can't turn the channel when this one is on. It makes me fall in love with the game without playing it. "The smell when you put the glove up to your face"; "the cool of the grass below your feet". I love this movie.
  9. Family with young kids. Big on hanging out at the beach. Will definitely be doing some fishing
  10. To me, nearly nothing tops hanging out at the beach all day long. Only worries are watching the kids, keeping the cooler stocked with ice cold brews, and not getting caught by the lady friend while checking out the "scenery".
  11. I've never been there. So any advice on the area and things to do would be nice
  12. Hitting up Sea Pines in Hilton Head, SC again in July. Then Gulf Shores, AL in October
  13. I may be really late to the conversion - but I'm going to put in my two cents. Cap chose his fight. The way he chose to fight his fight was against the social norm. While I deam domestic abuse to be below what he chose to do - he willingly chose to violate the social code. No owner of any football team should be forced into employing someone who does that. White or black. That said - I'd never employ anyone who hits a woman. Both are indefensible IMO
  14. Put a pork loin on smoke at about noon today. Pulled it off about an hour ago and wrapped it in foil and put it in the oven at 280 for about two hours. 5 lb loin - prep by putting lemon juice all over it Seasoning Brown sugar Chili powder Ground cumin Ground mustard A1 seasoning Mix all those together - let sit in fridge about an hour Smoking - 4 hours Pecan nuggets for the smoke Charcoal for the heat Sliced apples over the charcoal Oven Add your favorite bbq sauce - in this case Private Selects Memphis Inspired BBQ sauce Wrap in foil Cook at 280 for two hours
  15. The last time I cried would have been my last high school basketball game. I don't cry at funerals - i view deaths as part of life and therefore I chose to celebrate that I got to live with the individual. I think crying over matters of politics, sports that you are not a direct participant, and deaths of celebrities is petty.
  16. Dagg'um drumsticks. I'm fairly certain i could fatten myself up on those
  17. The Story of How To Not Live Your Life aka the sequel to What About Bob
  18. This guy here is the perfect example of someone who shouldn't have ownership of any weapons. I'd say if his dad gave the guns back then the long arm of the law will be knocking on his door. And I'd have to think this was racially motivated just from reading the wacky stuff this guy was into.
  19. I'd of just went out the front door, rounded the corner of the building of the Starbucks and the proceeded to do my business. But hey that's just me.
  20. I wish I was better with words of comfort but maybe I'm just not as articulate as you typical guy. I want you to not sorrow yourself over how his life ended but to celebrate his life. The father that you knew - celebrate that - cherish those memories because those memories are your father. No matter what had happened - he loved you! Now you - yourself - you have to let your love light shine. Don't let something like this define who you are. Your father wouldn't want you to be that way.
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