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  1. I think that Calvary Christian is from Florida, not the NKy CC.....
  2. Curious about some dates/times/locations of some summer events or camps going on this summer such as Lex Cath team camp, Collins, KBC state tournament??????
  3. Would Turner be the 2nd Lloyd coach in a row to take over at Scott (Wooley came from LMHS correct?)
  4. I agree with mooremiller31, there is so much more that goes into coaching than just the coaching aspect itself. Perhaps some of these sterling resumes are not as sterling as you may think if they are not getting interviews. In addition, not sure if broadening a coaching search has any correlation to competing at state levels..........
  5. Tall, you seem pretty emphatic on the idea of Woodford conducting a “true” search. Is there a candidate you feel they should hire outside the program or what would be so wrong with them hiring internally?
  6. Have they filled the coaching spot yet? I feel like this job has been open for over a season..................
  7. Coaching changes have occurred and the talent has not been what it used to be, however, as stated, they have a middle school group that could potentially put them back atop the 10th region real soon............
  8. However, only 3 of those were against teams with a winning record, 2 against Bourbon and 1 vs. Calvary............
  9. 1. You really don’t have to best teams in the state playing in this tournament as demonstrated with the 40 point blowout yesterday. You have a lot of matchups people do not care about. Just like in football, games really aren’t too exciting overall (some are, most are not). 2. I think with the size of the court (college vs high school) it takes a while for teams to get acclimated to the floor, again, don’t always have the best ball being played which does not create much excitement....just my opinion.
  10. Saw where the Woodford County job is posted on their school website. With the school moving into the 8th Region, this would appear to be a very attractive job...............Best wishes to Coach Wilson!
  11. I see 7-3. Woodford played lots of 9th and 10th graders last year!
  12. What do each of these teams have coming back for next year? By the way, good luck to Ryle.
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